Eurovision Calendar: Upcoming Events

Please find below a summary of upcoming Eurovision Events Radio International is aware of. Should you now of any event which is not listed please CONTACT us and share the information so we can tell all the fans.

Where we have more details we linked the event to the corresponding website.

You can also visit the Eurovision Calendar on the website of Radio International available here.
Regular Events: 

  • Every Sunday; Israel/Tel Aviv - Eurovision night at Evita 
  • Second Thursday of each month; UK/London - DouzePoints at the New Bloomsbury Set
  • Last Thursday of each month; Finland/Helsinki - Eurovision karaoke at Mann's Street Bar

Other Events:

14-16 Jul 2017 (Fri-Sun) - Germany/Berlin
Eurovision weekend together with OGAE Malta
16 Aug 2017 (Sat) - United Kingdom/London
Eurostarz in Concert The Star of Kings, in Kings Cross, London
09-10 Sep 2017 (Sat-Sun) - Germany/Frankfurt-am-Main
Eurovision convention featuring 32 Eurovision artists!
25 Nov 2017 (Sat) - Germany/Köln
ECGermany's annual Clubtreffen at Gloria Theater 

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