Eurovision Radio Show Archive - Are there any more Eurovision Radio Shows out there?

Eurovision Radio International exists for over 15 years and provides a weekly three hour radio show about the Eurovision Song Contest including live interviews with the Eurovision performers, listerners' music requests, quizzes, Eurovision News Bulletins from escXtra and lots of special features to do with the Eurovision Song Contest. The show has its own website www.radiointernational.tv and is broadcast live on Wednesday evenings from 2000 - 2300 hours CET on the following means:
  • FM 106.8, 
  • Digital Cable 781,
In addition to these services Radio International also offers  for the fans and listeners that cannot join the show and chat room live, a LISTEN AGAIN service and PODCAST service. The shows are stored in the Show Archive on the website for quite some time enabling the fans to catch up with what they missed.

There is not only the weekly editions of Eurovision Radio International but also a collection of Eurovision Radio Shows from other countries such as:
  • Malta's Eurovision Radio Show 
  • Belgium's Europe Start Listening Now from eurovisiOradio
  • Wale's Oystermouth Radio's W12P
  • UK's Eurovision Domination on Sine FM
Radio International would like to extend this service also to other countries' Eurovision radio shows and make these shows available on the Show Archive for a certain period of time.

If you know of any Eurovision Radio Show being broadcast near you and you think it would be of interest please contact us at Radio International by clicking this link and let us know about it and this way we can spread the news about great Eurovision radio shows.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Eurovisioning
Team of Eurovision Radio International

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