Eurovision in New York City: Euphoria on 13 June 2013

Be Europhorian!
Europhoria, the monthly celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest re-launched at POSH Bar and Lounge, every second Thursday of the month

 We will be saluting Denmark for winning this year’s contest, June 13, 7pm, at Posh Bar and Lounge, NYC.

Gilad Mandelboim (giladmandelboim@gmail.com); Saf Dogan (safakidogan@gmail.com)
Europhoria has been reinventing the night scene in NYC since December 2012, when this unique concept was launched. Our Europhorian trend has been well received by both veteran Eurovision fans and locals who have discovered it at our parties. Every month at Europhoria, fans cheer waving their flags, dancing to unforgettable performances from the show all night long.

Europhoria: A New Tomorrow will take place on June 13, at POSH Bar and Lounge (405 West 51st Street, New York, NY.), starting 7PM and will celebrate Denmark, this year’s big Eurovision Song Contest winner, among other European great entries by many countries. Watch the live performances on our screen; raise your flags, text the screen with your commentary, enjoy our giveaways, our special drinks, and dance the night away. DJ 

This new emerging nightlife trend will introduce new up-beat dance music, as well as powerful ballads from the greatest and most talented European performers. Traditionally, each Eurovision act uses the 3 minutes it’s been given to show powerful vocals, colorful staging, great chorography and some fun gimmicks! Throughout the long history of Eurovision, we’ve seen drag queens, transsexuals, flight attendants, pirates, sailors, monsters, and many hotties and divas. 

This contest launched a music career to many artists such as ABBA, Celine Dion, France Gall, Olivia Newton John, Ofra Haza, Cliff Richards, Julio Iglesias, Katrina and the Waves, and many more.

Eurovision Song Contest is a cult in Europe and it’s the biggest music event in the world. It’s viewed by 200+ million people live globally. European nations of all sizes submit an act every year and the juries and the viewers crown the best song at the end of the night. The winning songs become international hits while the winning country hosts it next year. Since the 1950s, more than 1,200 songs already took part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Most winning songs were performed in English.

Eurovision has been described by some of the fans as “The love child of American Idol with the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, assuming that child was injected with speed, educated in international social politics, festooned in sequins, and brought to a pride parade”

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