JESC2013: Interview with Victoria Romanova (Deputy Director of NTU - National Television Ukraine)

Victoria Romanova, NTU
Lukasz and JP from Radio International are on location of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 conducting interviews with the young hopefuls that are representing their countries at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year from the Place of the Ukraine in the heart of Kiev, which is this year's venue.

During the rehearsals per country the young artists are giving interviews chatting about their music and life.

The running order was decided at the Welcome Reception where each performing young artists picked their starting position.

The Team of Radio International not only chatted with the young performers on stage but also with important people that are responsible to set up the event or also the host.

Below see the interview with the Deputy Director of National Television of Ukraine, Ms. Victoria Romanova who is the overall responsible for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 from the side of the Host Broadcaster. We chatted to her 90 minutes before the start of the live broadcast from the Palace of the Ukraine.

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