Your Choice- Which of the Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final Songs that did not qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final but according to you should have seen qualify? Win a prize

Due to the ever increasing number of participating countries at the Eurovision Song Contest, the Semi Final first was introduced in 2004, from 2004 to 2007 it was only one and since 2008 there are two Semi Finals. As we know that the Top Ten of each Semi Final will make it into the Grand Final, where together with the current host nation and the Big Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) fighting for the Trophy of the Eurovision Song Contest and the right to host the event the following year's edition of the contest.

Since last summer Radio International started this feature during the show as a monthly item where fans had submitted their Top 20 Semi Final songs that did not make it to the Grand Final but should have and each month a chart of a listener was broadcast during the show. Radio International is collecting the listeners' choice and together with your input will compile a Top 40 of the Eurovision Semi Final Songs and schedule it for broadcast as the last show of Radio International in 2014.

What you need to do?

Simply let us know your 20 songs that according to you should have qualified for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest but did not manage. Rank them in the order you like them best. Your favourite is Number 1 and least favourite is your Number 20. Email the list to Radio International via the website's CONTACT link and JP with his team will compile the overall Top 40 Semi Final songs.

List of all Semi Final entries that did not reach the Grand Final:

To help you please find a list of all the Semi Final songs that did not make it to the Grand Final at this LINK.

An incentive to take part in this project is a prize, in fact, one copy of the official DVD of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which will be given away amongst the participants. During the show there will be a draw and the lucky participant will receive the DVD. Alternatively, you can pick a CD of your choice as you might already have purchased the Eurovision 2014 DVD.  In addition, your chart will be featured in one of the future editions of Eurovision Radio International. 

For those of the fans and listeners that already submitted their choice they will also go into the draw automatically since they already have done their job :).

Please submit your choice not later than 15 November 2014 as we will need time to calculate and compile the chart. 


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