Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Valetta, Malta - The Complete Coverage

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 took place in Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta on  Sunday, 20 November 2016, 1600 hours CET where young artists from 17 countries took part. Withdrawing from last year's contest are Montenegro, San Marino and Slovenia and we welcome back Cyprus, Israel and Poland.
So the 17 countries are:  Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYRO Macedonia, Georgia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Poland, Russia, Serbia, The Netherlands and Ukraine.


Wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the third time with Mariam Mamadashvili.


Below is the List of the Results of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

Mariam and Georgia winning the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest


1.  239 Georgia
2.  232 Armenia
3.  209 Italy
4.  202 Russia
5.  202 Australia
6.  191 Malta
7.  177 Belarus
8.  174 The Netherlands
9.  161 Bulgaria
10.122 Ireland
11.  60 Poland
12.  41 FYR Macedonia
13.  38 Albania
14.  30 Ukraine
15.  27 Israel
16.  27 Cyprus
17.  14 Serbia

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - The Show

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The main website of the event is www.junioreuroision.tv. For further detail of the data visit the Wikipeadia page of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - click here.

Radio International's Facebook Group and Photos:
Radio International Facebook Group is available here where photos will be uploaded soon.

ALBUM 1  |  ALBUM 2 |  ALBUM 3 |

Radio International live from Malta: (Radio Shows and PODCASTS are available)

Eurovision Radio International broadcast a Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Special from Valletta, Malta. In case you missed the show, fear not it is made available here for your listening pleasure - click here for this week's Show Archive (for all this week's regular Eurovision Shows) and in particular this week's edition of Radio International focussing on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Radio International from Wednesday 16 November 2016
 Hour 1     |  Hour 2     |  Hour 3     |

Radio International Special Preview Show from Valletta including clips from the young artists in the press conferences, an interview with the Hosts Ben Camille and Valerie Vella as well as international Eurovision media and fans.

Special Preview PODCAST from 20 November 2016

Interviews with the Junior Eurovision 2016 participants:

Albania - Klesta Qehaja - Besoj

Armenia - Anahit Adamyan and Mary Vardanyan - Tarber

Australia - Alexa Curtis - We are

Belarus - Alexander Minyonok - Muzyka moikh pobed (Music is my only way)

Bulgaria - Lidia Ganeva - Valsheben den (Magical Day)

Cyprus - George Michaelides - Dance Floor

Georgia - Mariam Mamadashvili - Mzeo

Ireland - Zena Donnelle - Brice Ar Bhrice

Israel - Shir and Tim - Follow my heart

Italy - Fiamma Boccia - Cara Mamma (Dear Mom)

Macedonia - Martija Stanojković - Love Will Lead Our Way

Malta - Christina Magrin - Parachute

Netherlands - Kisses - Kisses and Dancing

Poland - Olivia Wieczorek - Nie zapomnij
No Interview

Russia - Sofia Fisenko and the Water of Life Project - Water of Life
No Interview

Serbia - Dunja Jeličić - U la la la

Ukraine - Sofia Rol - Planet Craves For Love


Additional Interviews:

Bulgaria 2016 - Poli Genova - Interval Act 

Ireland 2011 and 2012 - Jedward - Guest Judges at Junior Eurovision 2016

Vincenzo Cantiello - Winner of the Junior Eurovision 2014 and Antonia Dinuzzi

The Hosts of Junior Eurovision 2016 - Valerie Vella and Ben Camille

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