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Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience is broadcast live from Malta's Galaxy 105FM. The show is simulcast on Castlepoint FM in the United Kingdom and on the Facebook Page of Eurovision Radio International. Find out more details of how to tune in - click here.

Join in this Wednesday 20 February 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International this week.

Melodifestivalen 2019 Interviews: Melodifestivalen is the selection process in Sweden for the Eurovision Song Contest where Sweden's entry is selected. The first semifinal took place on Saturday 02 February 2019 in Gothenburg in the legendary Scandinavium Arena, where the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 took place with the Bobbysocks from Norway winning for Norway with  "Let it swing".

The Story continues: Eurovision Radio International was in Gothenburg and in addition to listening to the interviews on the show this week there will also be the chance to see the interviews on our YouTube Channel. Also there are a number of nice photos which you can view via this website: Melodifestivalen 2019 - Semi Final 1 - complete coverage. 

Salman Tanzem from Germany has attended Melodifestivalen 2019 Semi Final 2 in Malmoe, Sweden on 09 February 2019 and conducted short interviews with the artists from Semi Final 2 which we also have on the show this week.

Romania's National Selection 2019 - Interviews: Romania's selection process to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 took place Sunday, 17 February 2019 with Ester Peony winning the National Final and with that the right to represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv in Israel come May with the song "On a Sunday". Radio International's roving reporter Eric has been at the national final in Romania and conducted interviews with the winner as well with other participating artists. You will hear Ester on the show this week as well Ovi who is behind the entry from Olivier Kaye who Radio International had live on the show last week. 

Latvia's National Final 2019:  Latvia's selection process is called SUPERNOVA and the final took place on Saturday, 16 February 2019 with Carousel winning the ticket to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Semi Final 2 on 14 May 2019 with the song "That Night". Radio International's roving reporter Eric, before continuing to Romania, interviewed the winners Carousel, Markus Riva, Samantha and Edgars which you will hear on the show this week.

SuRie's Album Launch: SuRie, the United Kingdom representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song "Storm" turned 30 earlier on this week and what can be better than celebrating this ocassion with the release of SuRie's latest album "Dozen". Radio International's David Mann went to the launch of the album and interviewed Bjorn Dobbelaere who is the Managing Director of this ocasion.

EUROVISION 2019 - Dare to Dream:  In a brand new year in Eurovision Terms called 2000 and Tel Aviv where the 64th Eurovision Song Contest will be staged May 14, 16 and 18. The National Final Season has begun just before Christmas 2018 with Albania selecting their country's choice. Radio International keeps you up to date every week with the detailed happenings during the National Final Season. That is also reflected in the new series of the Eurovision Spotlight which is devoted entirely to the national finals 2019.

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Plus there will be Eurovision News, Birthday File, Cover Spot, Eurovision Spotlight and new releases by Eurovision artists. Join in this Wednesday 20 February 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International this week.

  • Melodifestivalen 2019: Catching up with interviews with artists from Semi Final 1 and 2: Wiktoria, Nano, High15, Zeana feat Anis Don Demina, Andreas Johnson, Malou Prytz, Oscar Enestad, Jan Malmsjö, Vlad Reiser, Hanna Ferm and LIAMOO and Margaret
  • Latvia 2019: Interview with Carousel (Latvia 2019), Samantha and Edgars from Supernova
  • Romania 2019: Interview with Ester Peony (Romania 2019) and Ovi (Romania 2010, 2014)
  • Album Launch:  SuRie turned 30 earlier on this week and with her birthday her album "Dozen" was released. David Mann met the MD of the compain for an interview.
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: The National Final Season of the Eurovision Song Contest with Dermot Manning
  • An Eurovision News Update from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell
  • Eurovision Calendar
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist

Join Radio International on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 starting from 2000 - 2300 pmCET via the website or on FM. Radio International is available via different means. Visit HOW TO TUNE IN to see the details. The show will be available the website of Galaxy 105 FM and via TUNEIN, as well as on Castlepoint FM in the United Kingdom via their TUNEIN Channel and will be relayed on the Facebook Group of Eurovision Radio International    

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Eurovision Winner 2016, Ukraine

NEW RELEASE: Feb 2019, Ukraine

Paula Seling and Ovi
Playing with Fire
Eurovision 2010, Romania, Number 3

Magnus Bäcklund
The name of Love
Melodifestivalen 2006, Sweden, Number 5

Dolly Style
Melodifestivalen 2019, Sweden, Semi Final 3, Number 5

Annali Saaristo
La Dolce Vita
Eurovision 1989, Finland, Number 7

Hard Rock Hallelujah
Eurovision Winner 2006, Finland

Melodifestivalen 2019, Semi Final 2, Number 5

Sanna Nielsen
Eurovision 2014, Sweden, Number 3

Sanna Nielsen
Anyone Who Had a Heart
NEW RELEASE: Feb 2019, Sweden

Markus Riva
You make me so crazy
Eurovision 2019, Latvia, National Selection Number 2

Edgars Kreilis
Cherry Absinthe
Eurovision 2019, Latvia, National Selection Number 6

Fatal Error
Eurovision 2019, Hungary, National Final

The Dream
Eurovision 2019, Croatia, Semi Final 2, Second Half

Ester Peony
On a Sunday
Eurovision 2019, Romania, Semi Final 2, First Half
Playback the interview with Eric

Victor Crone
Eurovision 2019, Estonia, Semi Final 1, Second Half

That Night
Eurovision 2019, Latvia, Semi Final 2 First Half
Playback of the interview with Eric before the song

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl
Eurovision 2019, Serbia, Semi Final 1 First Half

Zeljko Joksimovic
Lane Moje
Eurovision 2004, Serbia and Montenegro, Number 2

Zeljko Joksimovic
Mozda Je To Lujubav
NEW RELEASE: Feb 2019, Serbia

The Storm
Eurovision 2018, United Kingdom, Number 24

July Tree
NEW ALBUM: Dozen (Feb 2019), United Kingdom

Alfie Arcuri
To myself
Eurovision 2019, Australia National Selection, Number 5

Toy (Stormby Remix Edit)
Eurovision Winner 2018, Israel

Sara Dawn Finer, Eric Saade, Kodjo Akolor & Marika Carlsson
Israel Eurovision Winners Medley (cover):
Toy (2018), Diva (1987), Hallelujah (1979), A-Ba-Ni-Bi (1978)
Eurovision Winners from Israel

Zeana feat. Anis Don Demina
Mina Braender
Melodifestivalen 2019, Sweden, Semi Final 1, eliminated

Michael Schulte
You let me walk alone
Eurovision 2018, Germany, Number 4

Michael Schulte
Back to the start (rip)
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2019, Germany

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