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In January 2018 it was decided to modernize the website of Radio International and also only use one domain being The previous domain was Many files in the Show Archive are still under the domain name which makes it impossible for you to retrieve or download the audio files for listening. The simple way of getting the files to work is to copy the URL from the Show Archive entry into a browser and simple change the letter .tk into .tv and that will then let you reach the audio file for either downloading or direct listening to the show.

The previous Show Archive 2007 to 2018 is availabe here:  Previous Show Archive

The changes you need to do in order the reach the audio file your desire to listen to is:


Hour 1 of Radio International from 16 February 2016

change to

and copy this into a browser for listening pleasure.

Sorry for the invenvenience.

The Team of
Eurovision Radio International

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