Radio International Interview Hall of Fame

Over the over 20 years of Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience the team interviewed a large number of Eurovision performers as well as many performers from the National Finals and beyond. On this page we start to list all the interviews which were done but it might take some time to complete the list. We start here with Mid-June 2020.

Radio International's Interviews conducted during 2020:

Katrina of Katrina and the Waves, Eldar of Ell and Nikki, Lina Hedlund and Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar, Sanna Nielsen, Ira Losco, Nicki French, Rainer from Wind, Jalisse, James Newman, Senhit, Serhat, Vanessa Amarosi, Lesley Roy, Brooke, Franklin, Laura Rizzotto, Martina Majerle of Quartissimo, Miriam Christine, Claudia Faniello, Fabrizio Faniello, Chanel, Jordan Ravi, Viorela Moraru, Mia Negovetic, Parvani Violet and Vasil.

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