Melodifestivalen Recap on Eurovision Radio International on 13 March 2013

In case you missed the live show last night - fear not you can catch all up here.
Videos of the interviews have been added.

Join Eurovision Radio International this Wednesday 13 March 2013, 8-11pm CET for Eurovision Radio International containing the Recap of Melodifestivalen 2013.

- Interview with Carola (Sweden 1983, Winner for Sweden 1991, 2006)
- Interview with Robin Stjernberg (Sweden 2013)
- Interview with Sean Banan (Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with David Lindgren (Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with Yohio (Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with Anton Ewald (Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with Louise Hoffsten (Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with Danny Saucedo & Gina Dirawi (Hosts of Melodifestivalen 2013)
- Interview with Christer Bjoerkman (Melodifestivalen Executive Producer)
- Interview with Marilena (Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013)
- New Releases:  Agnetha Fältskog
- Eurovision Spotlight - National Finals so far with Marcus Keppel-Palmer

further items are Eurovision News with Luke, Famous Clip Quiz, Eurovision Cover versions, your Eurovision music requests,

Further details are here:  Radio International Website    |   Eurovision.tv

Join Radio International on Wednesday, 13 March 2013 from 2000 - 2300 hours CET, via the website or on FM. Radio International is available live via www.radiointernational.tv and on FM 106.8, Digital Cabel Channel 781 in parts of the Netherlands and via www.livestream.com/radint. Should you not be able to listen live, the show will appear in the Programme’s Show Archive a few hours after it’s airing on the radio.

Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power.

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