Eurovision 2013: The Euro Fan Cafe - An Update

Find below a second update to the Euro Fan Cafe Schedule - quite impressive and the Team of Radio International wishes all Eurovisionees in Malmö a fantastic time and great coverage for your medias. 

Moriska Baviljongen announces thirteen days of events at its The Euro Fan Café between May 06 & 18. As part of Malmö’s offer as a host city, the beautiful and spacious venue Moriska Paviljongen will present a unique Eurovision programme day and night, as a prominent meeting place during ESC 2013. More than fifty (50) events will take place at Moriska Paviljongen’s EURO FAN CAFÉ, beginning 6 May until the Eurovision Song Contest Final on 18 May.

Moriska Paviljongen (also known as “Moriskan” by Malmö locals) will be hosting a once-in-a-lifetime Eurovision Song Contest meeting place concept: The “Euro Fan Café” in Malmö between 6 – 18 May 2013. The Euro Fan Café is presented by Moriska Paviljongen in cooperation with Malmö stad. Called the “fan” café because it is for all types of Eurovision and Melodifestivalen fans – with dancefloors 100% dedicated to Eurovision music, current and previous artists performing, giant quizzes, live talk shows, films, special appearances and even a sing-a-long Nul Points night. 
The latest updates that reached Radio International regarding the many scheduled events in the Euro Fan Cafe in Malmoe. More details are listed below:

The Euro Fan Café, Malmö's only place dedicated to programming for Eurovision fans, announces some additions to its events running between 6 - 18 May. Located at Moriska Paviljongen (also known at "Moriskan"), the venue announces some huge events that will make every Eurovision fan eager to attend.

(7-9 May at 22, May 10, at 22 & 23, May 13 to 16 at 16)
At our talk shows, fans will get the exclusive opportunity to meet Eurovision performers up close and personal. Rick Jacobs, editor of Eurovision fan site 12points.tv, will host each talk show. "As a huge Eurovision fan myself, I am excited to be able to meet with Eurovision contestants past and present. I am going to try to get them to reveal their deepest and darkest schlager secrets each night - who knows what will happen," said Rick about his mission. As a taster of what you can expect, check out his interview with Eurovision legend Carola from last month.

Guests include:
Despina Olympiou (Cyprus)
Elitsa Todorova & Stojan Jankoulov (Bulgaria)
Natália Kelly (Austria)
Hannah (Slovenia)
Klapa S Mora (Croatia)
Dorians (Armenia)
Cezar (Romania)

Expect more artists to be announced in the near future.

(Monday, 13 May, at 24-02)
The biggest event on the Euro Fan Café! OGAE Sweden (Melodifestivalklubben) and Moriskan have joined foces to create the largest quiz night ever on the subject of Eurovision. Come and test your Eurovision skills, with the chance to win a place in the Malmö Arena Green Room during the final on 18 May! With Sweden's stand-up queen Lena Frisk as host, expect insane commentary, difficult questions and lots of laughter.  Now we are happy to announce that we have rounded up some of Eurovision's finest past contestants to also take part. They are:

Bobbysocks - Elisabeth Andreassen and Hanne Krogh (winner in 1985 for Norway)
Linda Martin (winner in 1992 for Ireland)
Hera Björk (Iceland 2010)
Glen Vella (Malta 2011)


(Friday, 17 May, 21 - 05)
Starting at 21.00 on 17 May 2013, Moriska Paviljongen (also known as "Moriskan") hosts a night dedicated to the best of Melodifestivalen - the Swedish Eurovision selection - with live appearances by previous contestants Pay-TV, Eddie Razaz and Stockholm Syndrome (formerly known as "Love Generation")

This Melodifestivalen night is part of the thirteen days of events at Euro Fan Café, where the Malmö venue celebrates all things Eurovision with more than fifty events. The Melodifestivalen Madness evening is presented in partnership with Scandipop.co.uk. Established in 2008, Scandipop is the leading English-language website covering Scandinavian pop music, with a focus on Eurovision-related songs.

Appearing at Moriskan are:
PAY-TV. The trio of the costly Claudia Cash, no-nonsense Neena Fatale and the captivating Chanelle Ferrari are reuniting in Malmö to perform their biggest hits - including "Trendy Discotheque" (Melodifestivalen 2004) and "Refrain Refrain" (Melodifestivalen 2005). The ladies have turned down an invitation from Pope Francis I to ensure that their fans can catch them at Moriskan.

EDDIE RAZAZ. Razaz has recently competed in Melodifestivalen with this year's single "Alibi". First seen as a contestant of Sweden's IDOL series in 2009, Eddie has also performed as part of the group Rebound! with singles such as "Hurricane" and "Not Helpless".

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. Formerly known as "Love Generation", this trio performed at Melodifestivalen in 2011 with "Dance Alone" and appeared again in 2012 with "Just A Little Bit". Members Charly Q, Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson and Melanie Taylor will bring both their hits and new tracks to Malmö.

The live performances will begin just after 21.00 on 17 May at Moriskan, followed by a DJ set by Scandipop.co.uk founder Karl Batterbee. Karl has run a Scandipop club in London and has had residencies at G-A-Y London, and Stockholm clubs Torget, Paradise and Summer Night City.

The events include:

OPENING PARTY    (Tuesday, 7 May 2013 as from 2100 hours)
Moriskan welcomes all fans to Malmö with a mix of Eurovision karaoke, a schlager-­-tastic drag performance, a talk show with surprise guests, and two dance floors dedicated to Eurovision music.

THE BIGGEST EUROVISION QUIZ EVER   (Monday, 13 May 2013 starting at midnight)
The biggest event at the Euro Fan Café! Swedish Eurovision fan club Melodifestivalklubben and Moriska Paviljongen have joined forces to create the largest quiz night ever on the subject of Eurovision. But this is not any ordinary quiz -­-   live performances from Eurovision heavy-­-hitters will take place through the night. Who knows what can happen? Be warned: the questions will test even the biggest Eurovision geek!  

NUL POINT SING-A-LONG NIGHT  (Saturday, 11 May 2013 as from 2200 hours)
 Nul points… there are a handful of songs in the Eurovision history with this legendary score in the competition. We pay tribute to these marvellous songs with a sing-a-long evening, where wonderfully crazy tunes and other low-point scorers get all the love and appreciation they deserve.

THE EURO FAN CAFE TALK SHOW  (Occurs eight times between  May 07 & 16)
Keep up-to-date with the latest gossip and meet the ESC artists and songwriters past and present. A talk show presenting new international guests every day, hosted by Euro Fan Café producer Rick Jacobs.

Along with these elaborate events, Moriskan has also programmed the following highlights:

  • Club nights hosted by fan organizations from the UK, the Netherlands,and even New York City.
  • Appearances from HIGH HEELS, the acclaimed Malmö drag group, who offer delightful Eurovision and schlager entertainment with a great sense of humour.
  • Regular “Eurovision-oke” nights - sing along with old and new songs.
  • Live streaming on a giant screen of the two semi-finals and grand final.
Numerous popular Eurovision artists, past and present, will also perform at Euro Fan Café between May 06 & 18, and details of their appearance will be released shortly. The public attending Moriskan will find surprises every night.

The Euro Fan Café at Moriska Paviljongen will offer one of the best programmes for the public around the very special Eurovision Song Contest.
Jill Ålander, Head of Communications at Moriska Paviljongen, said that ”When you come to the Euro Fan Café, you will immediately get Eurovisionized. If even one cell in your body is out of Eurovision spirit, we’ve got the cure.”

Follow the plans at the Euro Fan Café here:

Facebook:  Search for "Euro Fan Café  at Moriskan
Twitter:  @efcmoriskan

Pricing  Structure: 
Everyone is welcome to Moriskan for the Euro Fan Café programming. Moriskan will sell a bracelet that will act as a pass to all Eurovision-related events in the building. The bracelets are available at Moriskan from 6 May and can be used until 18 May. The prices are as follows:

OGAE Members and accredited fan press access to ALL events:
150 SEK (17.50 EUR)
This bracelet also provides the wearer discounts to food and alcoholic drinks at Moriskan’s bar and bistro.

General Public, not accredited access to ALL events:
250 SEK (29.50 EUR)

It is also possible to buy tickets for single events, which range between 80 SEK - 250 SEK. ( 9 ­ 29.50 EUR)

About  Moriska Paviljongen:   
Moriska Paviljongen is a 110 year old building centrally located in the middle of one of Malmö's many parks. In 2011 it was relaunched by Ozan Sunar, a Swedish cultural profile famous for reinventing Södra Teatern (Southern Theatre) in Stockholm. Today, Moriska Paviljongen has a reputation for hosting the best clubs, concerts and most creative people in the south of Sweden. With its large rooms and amazing interior it is the most popular place for clubs and cultural events in Malmö.

Moriska Paviljongen's spaces include:
  • A bistro and bar with a stage for performances and an affordable Scandianvian food menu (capacity: 150)
  • The Mirror Room, perfect for medium-­-sized clubs and concerts (capacity: 400)
  • The Grand Room, for larger clubs, concerts and private events (capacity: 1000)
  • The Outdoor Space, great for relaxing and taking in the cool Malmö nights.
Moriska Paviljongen has been working closely with OGAE International, Melodifestivalklubben Sweden and prominent English-­-language fan website 12points.tv to build a program that both diehard fans and the curious public will find interesting.


Jill Ålander
Head of Marketing, Moriskan
+46 734 120 413 jill@moriskapaviljongen.se

Albin Balthasar
Creative Producer, Moriskan
+46 706 787 701 albin@moriskapaviljongen.se

Rick Jacobs
Producer, Euro Fan Café and Editor, 12points.tv
+46 721 821 650 rick@12points.tv

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