JESC 2013: Interview with Roman Keryk, Executive Producer of JESC 2013 from NTU (National Television of Ukraine)

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes places on 30 November 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine from the Palace of the Ukraine. The Team of Radio International are on location and interview many of the young stars but also the many geniuses behind the stage that make the whole show possible.

In a show in conjunction with Ewan Spence from Castle FM, Edingburgh JP interviewed Roman Keryk who is tghe Executive Producer of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest from NTU (National Television from Ukraine) and Isanne Yard who is a fan of the contest for many years.

Enjoy this inside knowledge interview about the set up of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 and at the same time we wish to thank Roman for taking his valuable time in talking to us


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