Week 52/2014 - The Eurovision Radio International Christmas Top 50 - PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW

The PODCAST of Eurovision Radio International
from 24 December 2014 is available now

 click here to listen

Merry Christmas from the Team of Eurovision Radio International
The Big Day is around the corner and JP from Radio International invites you to listen and be part of this week's Christmas edition of the show with a sack full of Christmas Classics some of them performed by Eurovision artists.

Enjoy the Christmas Top 50 best-selling songs of all time and when in the chart a Christmas songs pops up that was covered by a Eurovision Artist then you will that version instead of the original. So listen out as there were a lot of that. So enjoy!!!

Make sure to join JP and the chat community on Wednesday 24 December 2014 from 8-11pm CET for the last show in 2014 - The
Christmas Top 50 best-selling songs of all time. But also make sure not to miss the special Christmas Card of Sir David Mann delivering his Christmas Card in a true Royal British way.  Further details are available on the show's website by clicking here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 

and a thank you for your tremendous support during 2014.

Join Radio International on Wednesday, 24 December 2014 from 2000 - 2300 hours CET, via the website. Radio International is available live via www.radiointernational.tv and via www.livestream.com/radint. Should you not be able to listen live, the show will appear in the Programme’s Show Archive a few hours after it’s airing.

Happy Eurovisioning and Merry Christmas
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power.

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