Eurovision Radio International - Eurovision Day 2017 - Grand Final

The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest was staged in Kyiv, Ukraine after Jamala's Victory in 2016 with the song "1944" in Stockholm. The day of the Grand Final has arrived and 20 countries made it into the Grand Final from the two preceding Semi Finals meeting the Big Five countries being France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom plus the Host country Ukraine in the Grand Final.

The Team of Radio International was on location conducting interviews with the artists, taking part in the Press Conferences, etc. The Running Order of the Grand Final was decided by the producers of the Eurovision Song Contest to make it a spectacular show. The Running Order was as follows:

1. Israel
2. Poland
3. Belarus
4. Austria
5. Armenia
6. Netherlands
7. Moldova
8. Hungary
9. Italy
10. Denmark
11. Portugal
12. Azerbaijan
13. Croatia
14. Australia
15. Greece
16. Spain
17. Norway
18. United Kingdom
19. Cyprus
20. Romania
21. Germany
22. Ukraine
23. Belgium
24. Sweden
25. Bulgaria
26. France

Radio International produced three special shows from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and this is the third one looking at the Grand Final itself. See below for the show available on our Mixcloud Channel but also available as a download here: Eurovision Radio International Eurovision Day 2017 

Even though we are already after the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - this can easily serve as a Post Eurovision Depression Cure. Enjoy!

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