OGAE Germany Convention 2018: Interview with Manuela Bravo (Portugal 1979)

Manuela Bravo (Portugal 1979) photo from Jan 2018
OGAE Germany held their annual 2018 Eurovision Convention in Munich, Germany with the particiaption of five Eurovision acts and they were Eurovision Winners Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan (Ireland 1994), Nathan Trent (Austria 2017), Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005 and 2017), Manuela Bravo (Portugal 1979) and as a surprise guest Sonja Lumne (Finland 1985).

In this clip see the interview that JP did with Portugal's 1985 representative Manuela Bravo who came 9th with the song "Sobe, Sobe Balao Sobe". Find out what Manuela is doing these days and how Eurovision changed her life and shaped her career.


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