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The Team of Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience created two additional Eurovision radio shows on Saturdays and Sundays. The idea is to entertain the listeners and fans with lots of Eurovision music of the 65 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest plus new music the Eurovision artists have released after their performance in the contest and most of all also the music requests of the listeners and fans, to take you through the long Corona Crisis period of time.

First Hour: JP will start in the first hour with some Eurovision Classics, your listener's requests and new material of Eurovision artists that have reached the Radio International Tower of Eurovision Power.

Second Hour: Then in the second hours JP is again joined by Radio International's Chris Poppe from the United Kingdom via SKYPE to co-present another set of Ten great songs that never made it out of their National Final to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Third Hour:  Radio International is extremely happy to welcome as a guest co-presenter Ciaran Tuttiet who will be joining JP on the show this week via SKYPE to present his Ciaran's Eurovision Top Ten songs of all time which for Ciaran was a very difficult job to do. :). Ciaran hosts a weekly one hour Eurovision radio show on Forest FM called "The Eurovision Show Case" every Sunday. You can catch up via the Radio International Show Archive or Ciaran's Mixcloud Channel is available here - The Eurovision Show Case.

Want to join and co-present with JP?: Also fans can actively take part in the show to join JP and his team in the studio via a SKYPE phone call live on air to talk about their thoughts and request their favourite song which does not need to be a Eurovision song.

The next show will take place on Saturday, 13 June 2020 live via Run FM in the United Kingdom but available also via the Radio International Facebook Group "Eurovision Radio International" where you can find the chatroom. Below are the details and links to the broadcasts. Can't join us live? Don't worry - all the shows will be available as additional PODCASTS via our radiointernational.podbean.com channel or our Radio International Mixcloud Channel.

Join the Eurovision Fan Community listening to the shows and chat with the fans three hours every Saturday and Sunday. The Wednesday editions of the show remains the same as always.

NOTE - End of the Series:
The Radio International - Eurovision Lockdown Shows on the weekend will stop for the time being with the final show being on Sunday 28 June 2020. The series was created for the period of many of us being forced into a lockdown due to the Corona Pandemic. Since now the lockdown measures have been loosened in most countries Radio International reverts to its usual schedule of one three hour live show on Wednesday evenings from 2000 - 2300 hours with the repeat of that show on the Eurovision Lockdown slots on Run FM and Castlepoint FM. Thanks for your past continued support to Radio International shows. 

Want to come on air for the chat via SKYPE:

You are more than welcome to do this. Send an email to Radio International by using this link and give us your Full Name, SKYPE NAME so we can find you, where you are listening from and your Song Request.

Here are the details when and how to listen and chat.

LIVE! Saturdays 1700 - 2000 CET:  Run FM - click here to listen

LIVE! Sundays 1300-1600 CET: Castlepoint FM - click here to listen

During the Live Broadcasts available via the our ChatRoom where you can also listen - Click here

To Catch up: via our radiointernational.podbean.com channel - click here 

Happy Listening, Chatting and Eurovisioning!!!!

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Hour 1

Eurovision 2019, Azerbaijan, Number 8

Chingiz Mustafayev
From Past to Present
NEW RELEASE: Apr 2020, Azerbaijan

Páll Óskar
Minn hinsti dans
Eurovision 1997, Iceland, Number 20

Páll Óskar
Djöfull er það gott
NEW RELEASE : May 2020, Iceland

Klara Hammarström
Melodifestivalen 2020, Sweden, Semi Final 2 Number 5

Melodifestivalen 2020, Sweden, Number 12

Mohombi & Klara Hammarström
The One
NEW RELEASE : May 2020, Sweden

Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro
Non mi avete fatto niente
Eurovision 2018, Italy, Number 5

Fabrizio Moro
Il senso di ogni cosa (2020 Version)
NEW RELEASE : May 2020, Italy

Ermal Meta
Finirà bene
NEW RELEASE : May 2020, Italy

Eimaer Quinn
The Voice
Eurovision Winner 1996, Ireland

Eimear Quinn
The Watchman
NEW RELEASE : Apr 2020, Ireland

Hour 2
Eurovision Spotlight XXL: Another ten great songs that never made it out of their National Finals to Eurovision with Chris Poppe

Welcome to Lithuania
Eurovision 2006, Lithuania National Selection Number 2

Eurovision 2005, Estonia National Selection Number 2

Jogvan Hansen
Eg Lofa
Eurovision 2011, Iceland National Selection, unranked

Eurovision 2011, Ukraine National Selection, withdrawn

Eurovision 2011, Greece National Selection Number 2

Anastasia Vinnikova
Born in Belorussia
Eurovision 2011, Belarus, original winning song in the National Final

I’m Loving It
Eurovision 2011, Israel National Selection Number 11

Dreaming of You
Eurovision 2011, Romania National Selection Number 11

Blue Moon Group
Goodbye to Yesterday
Eurovision 2007, Norway Siste Sjansen Round, eliminated

Anna Book
Samba Sambero
Melodifestivalen 2007, Sweden, Number 9

Hour 3

Eurovision Spotlight XXL: Forest FM's Eurovision Show Case Ciaran Tuttiet's Eurovision Top Ten

All Out of Luck
Eurovision 1999, Iceland, Number 2
Ciaran's Number 10

Fangard Av En Stormvind
Eurovision Winner 1991, Sweden
Ciaran's Number 9

Eimmer Quinn
The Voice
Eurovision Winner 1996, Ireland
Ciaran's Number 8

Ik Hou Van Jou
Eurovision 1984, Netherlands 1984, Number 13
Ciaran's Number 7

Emily Reed
Help Me
Eurovision 2003, United Kingdom National Selection Number 2
Ciaran's Number 6

Salvador Sobral
Amar Pelos Dois
Eurovision Winner 2017, Portugal
Ciaran's Number 5

Sandrine Francois
Il Faut Du Temps
Eurovision 2002, France, Number 5
Ciaran's Number 4

Celine Dion
Ne Partez Pa Sans Moi
Eurovision Winner 1988, Switzerland
Ciaran's Number 3

Birgitta Haukdal
Open Your Heart
Eurovision 2003, Iceland 2003, Number 8
Ciaran's Number 2

Katrina & The Waves
Love Shine a Light
Eurovision Winner 1997, United Kingdom
Ciaran's Number 1

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