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  • Eurovision Spotlight XXL:  Benidorm Fest 2024 (Part 1 of 2), Spain's National Final to Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with Javier
  • Eurovision Spotlight: Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - National Final Season with Dermot Manning
  • Eurovision News with Nick van Lith from www.escXtra.com
  • Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Cover Spot with David Mann
  • Eurovision Calendar with Javier Leal
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision Artists
  • Your music requests

Eurovision Spotlight - The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - National Final Season: Sweden will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 which will be the 68th contest in its history coming once again from the Malmoe Arena, Malmoe, Sweden on 07 & 09 May 2024 for the two Semi Finals and the Grand Final scheduled for Saturday 11 May 2024. Many participating countries to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 are holding their selection shows across Europe and each week on Radio International we take a look at the ongoing selection processes and play some of the highlights from the National Finals and songs that actually will be selected to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmoe. Continuing this week is Dermot Manning highlighting more songs of the National Final Season 2024 and beyond.

Eurovision 2024 - Spain: The Beniorm Fest 2024:  Spain decides their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 through the Benidorm Fest 2024. 16 acts are being distributed into two Semi Finals and a Grand Final to decide the winner and Spain's Representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. A list of songs and competiion rules can be found at this link from our colleagues at Wikipedia - click here. This and next week on the show the second hour is entirely devoted to the 16 songs in the Benidorm Fest 2024 which will be introduced to the ears of the fans and listeners by Radio International's Javier.

Also JP will be joined by David Mann for the Eurovision Birthday File and Eurovision Coverspot. Nick will be presenting the Eurovision News courtesy of escXtra.com.There will be a lot of the great new releases of Eurovision artists on the show as well as great Eurovision Classics. Javier will be updating us on the upcoming Eurovision events in the Eurovision Calendar and and and....

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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Hour 1

Europe's living a celebration
Eurovision 2002, Spain, Number 7

Eurovision 2022, Spain, Number 3

Sam Ryder
Eurovision 2022, United Kingdom, Number 2

Kim Min Seok, Sam Ryder
Back In Love
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, United Kingdom

Chanel, FMK
Ahora Que No Te Tengo
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Spain

Marta Roure
Jugarem a estimarnos
Eurovision 2004, Andorra, Semi Final Number 18

Eurovision Birthday File

Darude & Sebastian Rejman
Look Away
Eurovision 2019, Finland, Semi Final 2 Number 17

JOWST feat. Aleksander Walmann
Grab the Moment
Eurovision 2017, Norway, Number 10

Kristian Fabrizio & JOWST
La Luna
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Norway

Movie Star
San Remo Song Festival 1983, Big Artist Section Number 23

Crno bel
Eurovision 2016, Slovenia National Final EMA, Number 2

Hour 2
Eurovision 2024 - Spain's Benidorm Festival 2024 (Part 1of 2) with Javier

Blanca Paloma
Eurovision 2023, Spain, Number 17

Brillos platino
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 1

Angy Fernández
Sé quién soy
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 2

Beso en la mañana
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 3

Jorge González
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 4

Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 5

Me vas a ver
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 6

María Peláe
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 7

Amor de verano
Eurovision 2024, Spain National Final - Benidorm Fest, Song Number 8

Viktor Lazlo

Natalia Barbu
Eurovision 2007, Moldova, Number 10

Maria Elena Kyriakou
One last breath
Eurovision 2015, Greece, Number 19

Hour 3

Michael Schulte
You let me walk alone
Eurovision 2018, Germany, Number 4

Michael Schulte and Norma Jean Martine
If you love me
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Germany

Eurovision News with Nick from escXtra.com

Koza Mostra
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Greece

Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis
Alcohol is free
Eurovisiokn 2013, Greece, Number 6

Eurovision Spotlight: The National Final Season to Eurovision 2024 with Dermot Manning - The Irish Natonal Final 2024 plus Lithuania, Norway and Moldova

Go Tobann
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 1

Bambie Thug
Doomsday Blues
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 2

Love Me like I Do
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 3

Isabella Kearney
Let Me Be the Fire
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 4

JyellowLfeat Toshin
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 5

Next in Line
Love like us
Eurovision 2024, Ireland National Final, Song Number 6

Silvester Belt
Eurovision 2024, Lithuania National Final, Semi Final 1 Number 1

Margaret Berger
Eurovision 2024, Norway National Final, Semi Final 1 Number, advanced

Natalia Barbu
In the middle
Eurovision 2024, Moldova National Final, Winner of the Live Audition Round

Hour 4

Douwe Bob
Slow Down
Eurovision 2016, The Netherlands, Number 11

Zlata Ognevich
Eurovision 2013, Ukraine, Number 3

Zlata Ognevich
Everything is not accidental
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Ukraine

Douwe Bob
Nothing to Lose
NEW RELEASE: Jan 2024, Netherlands

The Eurovision Coverspot

Remo Forrer
Eurovision 2023, Switzeralnd, Number 20

Teya & Selena
Who The Hell Is Edgar?
Eurovision 2023, Austria, Number 15

Teya & Selena
Watergun (Live Cover)
Eurovision 2023, Switzerland, Number 20

Remo Forrer
Not Okay
NEW RELEASE: Sep 2023, Switzerland

Poli Genova
Na Inat (Stubborn - One Lifetime is not enough)
Eurovision 2011, Bulgaria, Semi Final 2 Number 12

Rounder Girls
All to you
Eurovision 2000, Austria, Number 14

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