Week 24/2024 - Eurovision Radio International - 12 Jun 2024: The Post Eurovision Depression Cure - Dose 5 with Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium 2013), Luna (Poland 2024), Tribute to Francoise Hardy (Monaco 1963), Eurovision Weeekend 2024 plus much more - PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW

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  • Interview with Luna (Poland 2024) done in Malmoe at Eurovision 2024, Alain Forrotti
  • Interview with Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium 2013) done in Malmoe at Eurovision 2024
  • Tribute to Francoise Hardy (Monaco 1963)
  • Eurovision Weekend 2024 in Hamburg (12 - 14 Jul 2024) - Salman Tanzeem will join the studio for the details about the event and involvement of Radio International
  • Eurovision News with Nick van Lith from www.escXtra.com
  • Eurovision Spotlight:  Eurovision 2024 - The Assessment with Eurovision Lordship Marcus Keppel-Palmer (final in the series)
  • Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Cover Spot with David Mann
  • Eurovision Calendar with Javier Leal
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision Artists
  • Your music requests


Eurovision Winner 2024 Nemo winning the contest for Switzerland

The Grand Final of the Eurovison Song Contest 2024 was staged in the Swedish City of Malmoe on Saturday, 11 May 2024 from the Malmoe Arena with 37 countries competing via two Semi Finals and 25 countries that made it to the Grand Final. The Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is Nemo for Switzerland with the song "The Code". On the show this week listen back to an interview the Radio International Team did with the winning act prior his victory.

The Scoreboard of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - Grand Final

The complete Story of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 and voting tables can by found at Wikipedia - click here.

Dose 5 of the PED Cure has on offer a couple of interviews with former Eurovision performers that actually came to Malmoe, Sweden and the Eurovision Song Contest to entertain the many Eurovision fans and journalists in the Euroclub and Eurovision Village.

Roberto Bellarosa represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "Love Kills" which came 13th. Radio International's JP met Roberto at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmoe as he was engaged to sing for the Eurovision Fans in the Euroclub.

Then there is an interview from the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with Luna who represented Poland with the song "The Tower" coming 12th in Semi Final 1. This interview was conducted by Alain Forrotti, the Radio International radio colleague from Luxemburg at Eurovision 2024 in Malmoe.

Eurovision Spotlight: The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - The Assessment:
  As every year after the Eurovision Song Contest the Radio International Experts share their opinion of the annual music spectacular so also this year as Eurovision Lordship Marcus Keppel-Palmer closed out this series of the Eurovision Spotlight looking at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 from his point of view.

Tribute to Francoise Hardy (Monaco 1963): Sad news hit the world with the passing away of Francoise Hardy who represented Monaco at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1963 with the song "L'amour s'en va" which came 5th at the end of the evening's voting. The victory of that particular Eurovision Song Contest in 1963 went to Denmark with the song "Dansevise" performed by Grethe and Jorgen Ingmann. Besides being a singer Francoise Hardy also was an actress, songwriter, author...Shey remains one of the best-selling singers in French history, and continues to be regarded as an iconic and influential figure in both French pop and fashion. Radio International will broadcast a tribute to Francoise Hardy on the show this this week.

Eurovision Weekend 2024:
  The first Eurovision event after the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 itself if the Eurovision Weekend 2024 out of Hamburg hosted by the Hamburg branch of Eurovision Club Germany e.V.. The event will include the FanVision Song Contest 2024 where young artists from different countries perform a cover of a Eurovision Song. The organisers received about 20 entries to this contest and a jury as well as public audience of the Eurovision Weekend 2024 will vote for the performances and the winner of which will decide in which country the Eurovision Weekend 2025 will be held.
The Winning Act in 2023 was Germany with Mirko Bulian and Maxima Love performing their own version of "My Way" originally by Tone Sekelius from Sweden's Melodifestivalen. In the run up to the event Salman Tanzeem, who is one of the founder members of the Eurovision Weekend, will be joining JP in the Radio International studio to give an insight into the upcoming event in Hamburg as well as more details how Radio International will be involved over the next weeks.
The Facebook Page of the Eurovision Weekend 2024 can be viewed here:  CLICK HERE

Also JP will be joined by David Mann for the Eurovision Birthday File and Eurovision Coverspot.  Nick will be presenting the Eurovision News courtesy of escXtra.com. There will be a lot of the great new releases of Eurovision artists on the show as well as great Eurovision Classics. Javier will be updating us on the upcoming Eurovision events in the Eurovision Calendar and and and....

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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Hour 1

Alexander Rybak
Eurovision Winner 2009, Norway

Robin Bengtsson
I can't go on
Eurovision 2017, Sweden, Number 5

Robin Bengtsson
Out Of Love
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Sweden

Alexander Rybak
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Norway

Tribute to Francoise Hardy (Monaco 1963)

Francoise Hardy
Tous les garçons et les filles
Number 1 in France, Belgium
Number 2 in Italy
Number 4 in the Netherlands
Number 20 in Germany
Number 36 in the United Kingdom

Françoise Hardy
L'amour s'en va
Eurovision 1963, Monaco, Number 5

Nada es comparable a ti
Eurovision 2009, Spain National Final Number 4

Eurovision Weekend 2024 - Salman

Mirko Bulian und Maxima Love
My Way
Winner of the FanVision Song Contest - Eurovision Weekend 2023

Amadine Bourgeois
L'enfer et moi (Hell and me)
Eurovision 2013, France, Number 23

Hour 2

Joost Klein
Eurovision 2024, Netherlands, Semi Final 2, disqualified

Danny Saucedo
Happy That You Found Me
Melodifestivalen 2024, Sweden, Number 6

Danny Saucedo
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Sweden

Joost Klein
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, The Netherlands

Eurovision Birthday File

Didrik Solli-Tangen
My Heart Is Yours
Eurovision 2010, Norway, Number 20

Amaury Vassili
Eurovision 2011, France, Number 15

Interview with Roberto Bellarosa (Belgium 2013) done in Malmoe at Eurovision 2024)

Roberto Bellarosa
Suivre mon etoile

Roberto Bellarosa
Jealous Guy
2012, Number 4 in Belgium

Roberto Bellarosa
Le Remede

Roberto Bellarossa
Coup de Coeur
NEW RELEASE: Apr 2024, Belgium

Roberto Bellarossa
Love kills
Eurovision 2013, Belgium, Number 13

Hour 3

F.L.Y (Mārtiņš Freimanis, Lauris Reiniks and Yana Kay)
Hello from Mars
Eurovision 2003, Latvia, Number 24

Lauris Reiniks
Kaila nakts
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Latvia

Eurovision News with Nick from escXtra.com

Kostas Martakis
Eisai To Thelo
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Greece

Kostas Martakis
Kanenas de me stamata
Eurovision 2014, Greece, National Final Number 2

Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd
Rise Up
Eurovision 2014, Greece, Number 7

Igor Cukrov & Andrea Susnjara
Lijepa Tena (Beautiful Tena)
Eurovision 2009, Croatia, Number 18

Eurovision Spotlight: Eurovision 2024 - The Assessment with Eurovision Lordship Marcus Keppel-Plamer, final in the series

Blue Swede
Hooked on a Feeling
Björn Skifs on lead vocals

Eurovision 2024, Czechia, Semi Final 2, Number 11

Electric Fields
One Milkali (One Blood)
Eurovision 2024, Australia, Semi Final 1, Number 11

Always on the run
Eurovision 2024, Germany, Number 12

Baby Lasagna
Rim Tim Tagi Dim
Eurovision 2024, Croatia, Number 2

The Code
Eurovision 2024 Winner, Switzerland

Hour 4

Poli Genova
If love was a crime
Eurovision 2016, Bulgaria, Number 4

Sergey Cetkovic
Moj Svijet
Eurovision 2014, Montenegro, Number 19

Sergej Ćetković
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Montenegro

Poli Genova
We Only Have Today
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Bulgaria

The Eurovision Coverspot

Il Volo
Grande Amore (Live as 2nd Semi Final Interval Act Eurovision 2022, Turin)
Eurovision 2015, Italy, Number 3

Vivienne Sängerin
Grande amore (Cover)
Eurovision 2015, Italy, Number 3

Interview with Luna (Poland 2024) by Alain Forrotti in Malmoe (11:00)

The Tower
Eurovision 2024, Poland, Semi Final 1, Number 12

NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Poland

Eurovision Calendar with Javier Leal

Marcus and Martinus
Gimme your love
ALBUM: Unforgettable

Colm C T Wilkinson
Born To Sing
Eurovisioon 1978, Ireland, Number 5
Happy 80th Birthday

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