Week 27/2024 - Eurovision Radio International - 03 Jul 2024: Taking you through the Eurovision Summer 2024: Interview with Marta Roure (Andorra 2004), Eurovision Weeekend 2024 - FanVision Song Contest - Meet the Contestants (Part 3) plus much more- PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW


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  • Interview with Marta Roure (Andorra 2004) done at the Madrid Eurovision PreParty 2024
  • Eurovision Weekend 2024 in Hamburg (12 - 14 Jul 2024) - Meet the contestants of the FanVision Song Contest 2024 (Part 3: Finland, EC Germany, Luxemburg, Ukraine and the United Kingdom)
  • Eurovision News with Nick van Lith from www.escXtra.com
  • Eurovision Spotlight:  Eurovision's Magical Numbers with Chris Poppe
  • Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Cover Spot with David Mann
  • Eurovision Calendar with Javier Leal
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision Artists
  • Your music requests

Interview with Marta Roure (Andorra 2004):
This week Radio International airs and interview with  Andorra's first ever entry to  the Eurovision Song Contest as Marta Roure representing Andorra with the song "Jugarem a estimar-nos" which was the first time a song in Catalan language was performed at the Eurovision Song Contest. Andorra came 18th in the ever first Semi Final and did not advance to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact, Andorra only took part six times in the Eurovision Song Contest with the last entry being in 2009 with Susanne Georgi and the song "La teva decisio (Your decision)", never reaching the Grand Final.
The Interview Team of Radio International met Marta at the Madrid Eurovsion Pre Party 2024 and you can hear this interview on the show this week. A big thanks to Alexander Sanchez who kindly helped with the translation.

Eurovision Weekend 2024:
  The first Eurovision event after the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 itself if the Eurovision Weekend 2024 out of Hamburg hosted by the Hamburg branch of Eurovision Club Germany e.V.. The event will include the FanVision Song Contest 2024 where young artists from different countries perform a cover of a Eurovision Song. The organisers received about 16 entries to this contest and a jury as well as public audience of the Eurovision Weekend 2024 will vote for the performances and the winner of which will decide in which country the Eurovision Weekend 2025 will be held.
The Winning Act in 2023 was Germany with Mirko Bulian and Maxima Love performing their own version of "My Way" originally by Tone Sekelius from Sweden's Melodifestivalen. In the run up to the event, Radio International will be interviewing the contestants in the editions coming up till mid July 2024 to showcase the artists. This week meet the acts from
Finland, EC Germany, Luxemburg, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The Facebook Page of the Eurovision Weekend 2024 can be viewed here:  CLICK HERE
To reach the artists' profiles please visit the website of EC Germany here:  CLICK HERE

Eurovision Spotlight - Eurovision's Magical Numbers: The brand new series with the new summer feature continues this week as the Radio International Colleagues will introduce something completely new that has never been on Radio International - Eurovision's Magical Numbers as Chris Poppe will continue the series.

Also JP will be joined by David Mann for the Eurovision Birthday File and Eurovision Coverspot.  Nick will be presenting the Eurovision News courtesy of escXtra.com. There will be a lot of the great new releases of Eurovision artists on the show as well as great Eurovision Classics. Javier will be updating us on the upcoming Eurovision events in the Eurovision Calendar and and and....

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Hour 1

Giorgos Alkaios & Friends
Eurovision 2010, Greece, Number 8

Baby Lasagne
Rim Tim Tagi Dim
Eurovision 2024, Croatia, Number 2

Baby Lasagna
and I
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Croatia

Giorgos Alkaios
Τι Τι Summer 2024
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Greece

Hajde da ludujemo
Eurovision 1990, Yugoslavia (Croatia), Number 7

Eurovision Birthday File

Eurovision 2024, Luxembourg, Number 13

Eurovision 2024, Norway MGP, Number 2

Interview with Marta Roure (Andorra 2004) done at the Eurovision PreParty 2024 in Madrid

Marta Roure
Jugarem a estimar nos
Eurovision 2004, Andorra, Semi Final Number 18

Eugent Bushpepa
Eurovision 2018, Albania, Number 11

Hour 2

Say Yay
Eurovision 2016, Spain, Number 22

NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Spain

Interview with Jarkko Timonen (FanVision 2024, Finland)

Jarkko Timonen
We should be through (original by Mikael Saari)
Eurovision 2013, Finland National Final, Number 2

Interview with Call me a Survivor (FanVision 2024, EC Germany)

Call me a Survivor (Verena, Florian und Ansgar)
We will rave (original by Kaleen)
Eurovision 2024, Austria, Number 24

Interview with Mara (FanVision 2024, Luxemburg)

If love was a crime (original by Poli Genova)
Eurovision 2016, Bulgaria, Number 4

Trine Jepsen & Michael Teschl
This Time I mean it
Eurovision 1999, Denmark, Number 8

Interview with Vankhud (FanVision 2024, Ukraine)

When I'm gone (original by Maria Suur)
Melodifestivalen 2024, Sweden, Number 7
SONG: Play the version of Vankhud
SKYPE: Hlib Dukhnov

Hour 3

Michael Schulte
You let me walk alone
Eurovision 2018, Germany, Number 4

Michael Schulte
Beautiful Reason
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Germany

Eurovision News with Nick from escXtra.com

Joost Klein
The Bird Song
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, The Netherlands

Joost Klein
Eurovision 2024, The Netherlands, Disqualified

Eurovision Spotlight: Eurovision's Magical Numbers with Chris Poppe

Patricia Bredin
Eurovision 1957, United Kingdom, Number 7

Louis Neefs
Ik heb zorgen
Eurovision 1967, Belgium, Number 7

Dream Express
A Million in One Two Three
Eurovision 1977, Belgium, Number 7

Aspro Mavro
Eurovision 1987, Cyprus, Number 7

Sentiments Songes
Eurovision 1997, France, Number 7

Ilinca featuring Alex Florea
Yodel It
Eurovision 2017, Romania, Number 7

Yassou Maria
Eurovision 2007, Greece, Number 7

Hour 4

Doris Dragovic
Marija Magdalena
Eurovision 1999, Croatia, Number 4

Doris Dragovic
Spear of love
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Croatia

Daniel Oliver
Samt Ekki
Eurovision 2019, Iceland National Final Söngvakeppnin, Semi Final 1, Number 3, eliminated

Daniel Oliver
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Iceland

Georgina & Paul Giordimaina
Sejjah U Ssibni (Maltese Version of "Could it be")
Eurovision 1991, Malta, Number 6

Interview with Il Faux-Lo (FanVision 2024, United Kingdom)

Il Volo
Grande Amore (Great Love)
Eurovision 2015, Italy, Number 3

The Eurovision Coverspot

Barbara Pravi
Eurovision 2021, France, Number 2

Mon Amour
Eurovision 2024, France, Number 4

Voila (Cover)
Eurovision 2021, France, Number 2

Barbara Pravi
La Pieva (Chez moi)
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, France

Mia Fotia
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2024, Greece

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