Interview with Ben Cramer (Netherlands 1973)

Ben Cramer
On 19 February 2012 a concert took place in Almere, The Netherlands featuring many of the artists that submitted an entry to the Dutch national final but were rejected. Some of the artists got together and organised a concert so that at least some people could enjoy their song being performed in front of an audience.

The show was hosted by Marga "Marcha" Bult who in 1987 represented the Netherlands with "Rechtop in de wind" reaching Number 5.

Dutch representative in 1989, Justine Pelmelay also made a guest appearance and performed her entry "Blijf zoals je bent" reaching Number 15.

Also on the guest list was 2012 entrant but also 1973 Dutch representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 1973 - Ben Cramer who represented the Netherlands with the song "De oude Musikant".

The Eurovision Song Contest 1973 was staged in the Grand Theatre of Luxembourg City with the participation of 17 countries. The Host Country Luxembourg became again the winner in 1973 with Anne Marie David and the song fabulous "Tu Te Reconnaitras".

The Netherlands were represented by Ben Cramer with the song "De oude muzikant" which reached Number 14. Some 31 years later - in 2012, Ben Cramer wanted to represent the Netherlands once again at the Eurovision Song Contest and had submitted a song to TROS (Dutch TV Company responsible for matters of Eurovision in the Netherlands) who regretably rejected his application. Soon after that all the artists that were rejected by the TROS held a special concert in the Netherlands so that the songs were not produced for nothing.

Former Eurovision particpant Justine Pelmelay (Netherlands 1989) was guest and Marga "Marcha" Bult was the host of the evening. Marcha represented the Netherlands back in 1987 coming 5th with "Rechtop in de wind". And of course Ben Cramer performed his rendition of the Dutch entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1973: "De oude muzikant". Radio International had the big pleasure to meet and interview Ben in the canteen backstage of the venue.

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