Swiss National Final 2013 - A short summary and interviews

On Saturday, 15 December 2012 the National Final of Switzerland took place to select the entry of Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmoe, Swede in May 2013. The show was produced for the third time in a row in the Bodensee Arena of Kreuzlingen which is a bordering town with Germany close to Konstanz.

Nine acts competed for the ticket to Malmoe and televoting only decided, although a Pan European Panel was present during the show consisting of amongst others German comedian Hella von Sinnen who herself is a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest.

During the phone calls were counted, last year's Winner of the Swiss National Final - SINPLUS presented to the audience and the viewers their latest single lifted from the ablum DISINFORMATION. The song is called "Turn on the lights" and follows "Unbreakable" which unfortunately, just failed to qualify Switzerland for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Sven Epiney presented "Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow" for the third time in a row. He is also the commentator at the Eurovision Song Contest for Swiss TV.

The Winners of the national selection 2013 is die Heilsarmee with the song "You and me". Below is the chart of the results.

1. Heilsarmee – You and me (37.54%)
2. Carrousel – J’avais rendez-vous (17.26%)
3. Jesse Ritch -Forever & A Day (11.75%)
4. Melissa – The Point Of No Return (9.72%)
5. Chiara Dubey – Bella sera (9.04%)
6. Nicolas Fraissinet – Lève-toi (6.55%)
7. Anthony Bighead – Do The Monkey (5.66%)
8. Nill Klemm – On My Way (1.69%)
9. Ally – Catch Me (0.79%)

Radio International also made some interviews with the Top 4, The Host Sven and Hella von Sinnen (German Jury Member). Find the links below:

Interview with Christopher of the Heilsarmee

Interview with Carrousel

Interview with Jesse Ritch

Interview with Melissa

Interview with Sven Epiney

Interview with Hella von Sinnen

Interview with SINPLUS

See all the photos by clicking here .

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