Eurovision Weekend 2013: Interview with Liora (Israel 1995)

Liora Simon with JP
The Eurovision Weekend 2013 took place in the city centre of Berlin after last year's big success partnering this year with Israel. Invited Artists were Betty Dittrich who competed in the German National Final 2013 with the song "La La La", then Lou of Lou and Band (Germany 2003) and the song was "Let's get happy" and Liora (Israel 2013) with the song "Amen". JP of Radio International was on loction in Berlin meeting the three performers for an interview.

Being the international guest of honour on the second edition of the Eurovision Weekend 2013 was Liora Simons who represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 with the great song entitled "Amen" reaching 8th place in Dublin. Like the other invited artists (Lou and Betty) Liora gave a concert in front of the many international fans being present at the event and impressed with her singing capabilities. She not only performed her Eurovision entry "Amen" but also her version of "Ein bisschen Frieden" which was Germany's first victory in 1982 and also "Hi" which was Israel's Runner-Up in 1982 by Ofra Haza.

For those of the fans that could not be present in Berlin, Radio International is extremely happy to air the interviews and additional Eurovision songs covered by Liora on the radio show (Show 24 July 2013 in the Show Archive on wwww.radiointernational.tv) and also with this clip you can see the interview as well.

Enjoy Liora below chatting with JP and if you want to know more about Liora click here to visit her website.

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