EUROBASH 2013 - A Recap

OGAE UK held their annual edition of the EUROBASH in Manchester, United Kingdom on Saturday 05 October 2013 with the participation of many national and international fans enjoying a weekend of Eurovision fun and craze.

The afternoon started with the EuroQuiz which was won by the team EBU HEADQUARTERS - Congratulations!  Then BATTLE OF THE BASH continued the afternoon on which the participants decided on the favourite Semi Final entries that did not make it to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. The winning entry was from Belgium. Kate Ryan represented the kingdom with the song "Je t'adore" but failed to make that step into the Grand Final. But she became the winner of Battle of the Bash 2013 with the runner up San Marino's Valentina Monetta with the 2013 Eurovision entry "Crisalide".

The Guest List was next on in the afternoon where Marcus Keppel-Palmer hosted Eurovision stars and expert. Zita Kaminska who is the Head of Delegation for Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. As for the singers, on home ground was Josh James (Dubowie) who represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with the song "That sounds good to me" and last but not least Slovenia's Maja Keuc who represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with the song "No One".

Stars in their Eurovision Eyes is also one of the hight lights with 13 acts appearing on stage imitating a Eurovision performance where the audience vote for during the interval act.

The EUROBASH 2013 ended with the EuroDisco where all the fans and artists danced their socks of to the many great Eurovision tunes that DJ David Simmons offered to the audience.

Below you will find links to all the 13 acts of Eurostars, The Guest List and the Interviews with Maja Keuc and Josh James (Dubowie).


Photos of the event are of course also available in full amount. Just click on this link and it will take you to the Facebook Photo Album of JP where all the photos are saved for you viewing pleasure. 


Interview with Josh James

Interview with Maja Keuc and Jonah Nielson

The Guest List - The Panel


Hungary 2011 - Kati Wolf - "What about my dreams" performed by Michael

Sweden NF 2008 - Mans Zelmerloew - "Cara Mia" performed by Adam King

Romania 2002 - Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel - "Tell me why" performed by Emily & Adrian

Lithuania 2013 - Andrius Pojavis - "Something" performed by Andrew

Norway 2008 - Maria Haukaas Storeng - "Hold on" performed by Rachel

Norway 1984 - Dollie de Luxe - "Lenge leve livet" performed by the Schlagerboys David & Andrew

Sweden NF 2009 - Sarah Dawn Finer - "Moving on" performed by Vikki Spence

United Kingdom 1981 - Bucks Fizz - "Making your mind up" performed by Elaine, Paul, Sharon and Dermot

Azerbaijan 2013 - Farid Mammadov - "Hold me" performed by Rodrigo & Sir Terry Vision

Finland 2011 - Paradise Oscar - "Da Da Dam" performed by Nathan

Germany 2003 - Lou & Band - "Let's get happy" performed by Paul

Romania 2006 - Mihai Traistariu - "Tornero" performed by Maximiliano

United Kingdom 1992 - Michael Ball - "One step out of time" performed by Phill

Announcement of the Winning Act

Winning Performance of EUROSTARS 2013: Romania 2002 - Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel - "Tell me why" performed by Emily & Adrian (Video courtesy of Robin Scott)

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