Eurovision 2014 - The Road to Eurovision Island

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the 59th edition of the contest after Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmoe, Sweden for Denmark with "Only Teardrops".

The Team of Radio International has teamed up with escflashmalta.com and Eurovision Norwich to bring you some nice interviews with the artists of the participating countries.

A brief trip aboard the Press Shuttle Bus along the final part of the road to Eurovision Island, located at the former B&W Shipbuilding yards in Copenhagen. While the location is not included on any normal tourist sightseeing tours, centred as it is on post-heavy industry dereliction, the transformation of the interiors of the huge former ship erecting shops into a giant state of the art TV studio is nothing less than stunning.

This video gives you a little flavour of the atmosphere of the area around 'Eurovision Island'. Enjoy!


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