Eurovision 2016: Interview with Birthe Kjaer (Denmark 1989) at Euroclub

Birthe Kjaer (Denmark 1989) with JP
The 2016 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Stockholm, Sweden with the participation of 42 countries that compete on May 10 and 12 in the two Semi Finals and then the Grand Final itself on 14 May 2016.

But not only competing artists come to the Eurovision Song Contest but also previous Eurovision performers arrive to sing their song to the many international fans that have arrived. So did Birthe Kjaer who in 1989 represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Vi maler byen roed" reaching Number 3.

In this clip watch the interview with Birthe Kjaer who was in the EUROCLUB for a Fan Meet and Greet on 11 May 2016. This was a big honour for JP from Radio International as a big dream came true to meet Birthe at long last.


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Ned said...

Birthe Kjaer a true Ambassador for Eurovision along with Mary Spiteri and Nicki French. We need fans to send in their all time 5 favourite songs and see what comes out?