Changes to Radio International PODCAST and WEBSITE

Dear Eurovision Fans,

Thank you for your support over the many years of Eurovision Radio International and we hope you continue to do so. 

However, time for a change and after 11 years of working with the old website using the Joomla software the Management of Radio International decided to change to a more modern website which is still in production and will replace the old website. Until this is happening the Eurovision Radio International Blog will become to main site for the time being. The old website will not be deleted so fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and beyond can still have access to the Show Archive and the many radio shows which have been uploaded there.

The Eurovision Radio International Blog which has been accompanying the current website will be the main webpage with PODCAST and audio files availability. So you won't miss your favourite shows in case you cannot listen live to Radio International.

If you want to continue receiving our weekly PODCAST from Radio International you need to replace the PODCAST URL with this new URL.

Should you come into any problems receiving the show please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

Further details how you can listen to the show CLICK HERE.

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