Eurovision Club Germany Convention 2017: Interview with Nicole (Eurovision Winner 1982, Germany)

Nicole - Eurovision Winner 1982 for Germany "Ein bisschen Frieden"
Eurovision Club Germany held their annual 2017 Eurovision Convention in Gloria Theatre of Cologne, Germany with the particiaption of five Eurovision acts, two of them being Winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Anne Marie David (Luxembourg 1973) and Nicole (Germany 1982). Further acts were all from the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 which was staged in Kyiv, Ukraine:  Brendan Murray (Ireland 2017),  Norma John (Finland 2017) and the Sunstroke Projects (Moldova 2017 & 2010).

In this clip see a slide show of the concert that Nicole gave and listen to the interview Radio International did with the Eurovision Winner of 1982 when Nicole won the Euroision Song Contest 1982 in Harrowgate , United Kingom with the song  "Ein bisschen Frieden".


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