OGAE Second Chance Song Contest 2018 - Extra Radio International Show only availble here

What happens to the songs that didn't win their National Finals during the selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 ? Well, some of them get selected to 'try again' in the annual Second Chance Song Contest!

The OGAE Second Chance Contest (SCC) is organised by international Eurovision fan organisation the OGAE to give a “Second Chance” to songs which were part of the national selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) but which failed to be selected to represent their country.

Over the years, the number of OGAE national clubs taking part has increased, just as the technology has dramatically changed, and this year no less than twenty-seven songs, selected by OGAE members in each country, are competing in the on-line Contest being organised, in regular Eurovision style, by last year's Contest winner, Sweden.

Voting is open until 01 September 2018 and only for OGAE members, who've already been given details on exactly how to vote, but if you're not a member, then many of the major Eurovision fan websites are running opinion polls on the contest, too.

In this special edition of Eurovision Radio International, David Mann brings you all the songs in contention in the OGAE Second Chance Song Contest 2018, plus there's an "Interval Act"  from the only artists to have won the OGAE Second Chance Song Contest twice previously, Sweden's Alcazar.

To download the show click here: 
OGAE Second Chance Song Contest 2018 on Radio International 

List of Participants:

1. United Kingdom – Asanda | Legends
2. Malta – Richard and Joe | Song For Dad
3. Estonia – Stig Rästa | Home
4. Slovenia – Nuška Drašček | Ne zapusti me zdaj
5. Finland – Saara Aalto | Domino
6. Switzerland – Alejandro Reyes | Compass
7. Germany – voXXclub | I mog Di so
8. Hungary – yesyes | I Let You Run Away
9. Romania – Feli | Royalty
10. Czech Republic – Eva Burešová | FLY
11. Denmark – Albin Fredy | Music for the Road
12. Ukraine – KADNAY | Beat Of The Universe
13. Armenia – Nemra | I’m a Liar
14. Poland – Ifi Ude | Love Is Stronger
15. Lithuania – Paula | 1 2 3
16. Latvia – Edgars Kreilis | Younger Days
17. Norway – REBECCA | Who We Are
18. Serbia – Saška Janks | Pesma za tebe
19. Albania – Inis Neziri | Piedestal
20. Sweden – John Lundvik | My Turn
21. OGAE RotW (San Marino) – Sara de Blue | Out of the Twilight
22. Belarus – Gunesh | I Won’t Cry
23. France – Emmy Liyana | OK ou KO
24. Italy – Annalisa | Il Mondo Prima Di Te
25. Spain – Ana and Aitana | LO MALO
26. Iceland – Dagur Sigurðsson | Í stormi
27. Portugal – Catarina Miranda | Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso De Nada

Official Organising Website: https://melodifestivalklubben.se/scc2018/

But now it is time to cast your votes. May the best song win!

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