Week 35/2019 - Eurovision Radio International - 28 Aug 2019 - Through the Summer 2019 (Episode 9)

Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience

Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience is broadcast live from Malta's Galaxy 105FM. The show is simulcast on Castlepoint FM in the United Kingdom and on the Facebook Page of Eurovision Radio International. Find out more details of how to tune in - click here

Join in this Wednesday 28 August 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International taking you through the Summer of 2019 with lots of good music and features.


  • Interview with Lindsay Dracass (United Kingdom 2001) done at J'aime La Vlie 2019, Netherlands
  • Interview with Markus Riva (Latvian National Final 2019, Number 2) done at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Eurovision Top 5 Flashback
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: A Golden Eurovision Summer: This week - 1989 with Alasdair Rendall
  • Eurovision News from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell
  • Eurovision EUROVISION CALENDAR with Javier Leal
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist

Interview with Lindsay Dracass (United Kingdom 2001):
Back in 2001 the United Kingdom was represented by a very young Lindsay D, as she was known back then, with the song "No Dream Impossible". The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 took place in the Parken Stadium of Copenhagen, Denmark with an audience of 40000 spectators. The United Kingdom ranked 15 at the end of the voting sequence. Lindsay Dracass returned to the music scene just lately and has been picked up by Eurovision Fan Clubs in the United Kingdom and also in the Netherlands where she was part of the guest line up at the recent edition of J'aime la Vlie 2019 where Radio International's JP had the pleasure of conducting an interview with the singer. Listen to this interview on the show this week with an update of his career. Also watch out for the new album of Lindsay Dracass entitled "Waiting for you" she showcased during a concert at this event. Lindsay's Facebook Page is available here to get all the latest updates.

Lindsay Dracass (United Kingdom 2001) with JP
at J'aime la Vlie 2019, Vlieland, The Netherlands

Interview with Markus Riva (Latvian National Finalist to Eurovision): At the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel Radio International's JP bumped into Markus Riva on the way to the Grand Final. JP used the chance of an interview with Markus who has entered the national selection in Latvia for the past six years in a row, from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, he came second with the song "You make me so crazy". More details about Markus can be found here and enjoy the interview with Markus on this week's edition of Radio International. Will he be Latvia's next hopeful at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Markus Riva (Latvian National Final 2019 and beyond) with JP
at Eurovision 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

Plus there will be Eurovision News, Birthday File, Cover Spot, Calendar and new releases by Eurovision artists.

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Join Radio International on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 starting from 2000 - 2300 pmCET via the website or on FM. Radio International is available via different means. Visit HOW TO TUNE IN to see the details. The show will be available the website of Galaxy 105 FM and via TUNEIN, as well as on Castlepoint FM in the United Kingdom via their TUNEIN Channel and will be relayed on the Facebook Group of Eurovision Radio International    

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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Eurovision 2013, Germany, Number 21

Like the Way I Do
NEW RELEASE: Aug 2019, Germany

Sebastian Calleja
NEW RELEASE: Aug 2019, Malta

Markus Riva
Cant Help Myself
NEW RELEASE: Jul 2019, Latvia

Markus Riva
You Make Me So Crazy
Eurovision 2019, Latvia, National Selection Number 2

Eurovision Winner 2016, Ukraine

Vicky Leandros
Aprés Tois
Eurovision Winner 1972, Luxembourg

Lars ‘Lasse” Berhagen
Es war einmal eine Gitarre

Doris Dragović
Marija Magdalena
Eurovision 1999, Croatia, Number 4

Doris Dragović
Brod Za Nabolje
NEW RELEASE: Aug 2019, Croatia

Miriam Rodriguez
Lejos De Tu Piel
Eurovision 2018, Spain, National Final Number 4

Kristian Kostov
Beautiful Mess (Baron Grand Sunset Remix)
Eurovision 2017, Bulgaria, Number 2

Emel Franca
Ljetnji Vjetar [Summer Breeze]
New Release (non-Eurovision), 2019

Emel Franca
Beautiful Mess (Cover)
Eurovision 2017, Bulgaria, Number 2

Higher Ground
Eurovision 2018, Denmark, Number 9

Live Report
Why Do I Always Get It Wrong
Eurovision 1989, United Kingdom, Number 2

Nacida Para Amara
Eurovision 1989, Spain, Number 6

Bana Bana
Eurovision 1989, Turkey, Number 21

Park Cafe
Eurovision 1989, Luxembourg, Number 20

Da Vinci
Eurovision 1989, Portugal, Number 16

Sunstroke Project feat Oliva Tira
Run away
Eurovision 2010, Moldova, Number 21

Sunstroke Project
NEW RELEASE: Aug 2019, Moldova

Lindsay Dracass
Story Teller
ALBUM: Waiting for you (2019)

Lena Philipsson
It hurts
Eurovision 2004, Sweden, Number 6

Lena Philipsson
Du Ljuger
NEW RELEASE: Aug 2019, Sweden

Lindsay Dracass
Waiting for you
ALBUM: Waiting for you (2019)

Lindsay Dracass
No dream impossible
Eurovision 2001, United Kingdom, Number 15

The Flame
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Number 7

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