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The Summer of 2019 is over and we have arrived in the nice colour months of October 2019. The Team of Radio International is back in full flow and to normality presenting the weekly edition of the show with its usual content.

Join in this Wednesday 09 October 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International taking you through the Autumn of 2019 with lots of good music and features. 


  • Interview with Anna Bergendahl (Sweden 2010, Melodifestivalen 2019) done at EUROFEST 2019 in London in August 2019. Courtesy of Martin Palmer of Let me be the One from BSR Radio, United Kingdom. 
  • Tribute to Karel Gott (Austria 1968) who passed away 01 October 2019
  • Eurovision Top 5 Flashback
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with Ross Bennett
  • Eurovision News from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell
  • Eurovision EUROVISION CALENDAR with Javier Leal
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist

Interview with Anna Bergendahl (Sweden 2010, Melodifestivalen 2019): 
Back in 2010 Anna Bergendahl represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song  "This is my life" which unfortunately, did not bring Sweden into the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest halting at Number 11 in her Semi Final. That was the only time Sweden did not make it into the Grand Final in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. Anna decided to return into the competition once more when this year she entered Melodifestivalen 2019 which is the Swedish selection process to find the song that will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. John Lundvig won the ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel this year together with the Mamas and the song "Too late for love". Anna competed in Melodifestivalen with the song  "Ashes to Ashes" which made it successfully from Semi Final 1 to the Second Chance round and then from there to the Grand Final of Melodifestivalen 2019 where she reached Number 10. In August 2019, Anna Bergendahl was invited to the EUROFEST in London, United Kingdom where our colleague from BSR Radio in the United Kingdom had the pleasure to interview her. Courtesy of Martin Palmer from BSR Radio Radio International airs that interview on this week's edition of the show.

Anna Bergendahl (Eurovision 2010 and Melodifestivalen 2019)

Tribute to Karel Gott (Austria 1968):  On 01 October 2019 Karel Gott passed away. He was a Super Star from the Check Republic and before Czechoslovakia from the early 60s. Not only did the Golden Voice from Prague entertain the many fans from those countries but also in the German-speaking countries where he sold millions of records of his music. He even had a string of shows in Las Vegas as an artist from behind "The Iron Curtain". In 1968, he represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Tausend Fenster" reaching Number 13. Sadly, Karel Gott passed away peacefully in his sleep on 01 October 2019 after a battle with cancer. The Czech Republic initiated a state funeral in his honour. This week Radio International will have a tribute to Karel Gott so play some of his biggest hits.

Karel Gott (Austria 1968) +
Plus there will be Eurovision News, Birthday File, Cover Spot, Calendar and new releases by Eurovision artists.

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Eurovision Winner 2012, Sweden

Walk with me
NEW RELEASE: Oct 2019, Sweden

Daniel Kajmakoski
Autumn Leaves
Eurovision 2015, North Macedonia, Semi Final 1 Number 15

Karel Gott Medley Running Order
1970 - Einmal um die ganze Welt
1967/1971 - Schicksalsmelodie (Weisst Du wohin)
1979 - Babicka
1981 - Und die Sonne wird wieder scheinen
1977 - Theme song of Maya "Die Biene Maja" (Czech)
1977 - Theme song of Maya "Die Biene Maja" (German)
1990 - Nie mehr Bolero I
1997 - Zeit zu geh'n (Con te partiro)

Karel Gott
Tausend Fenster
Eurovision 1968, Austria, Number 13

Love Is Forever
Eurovision 2019, Denmark, Number 12

Luca Hänni
She Got Me
Eurovision 2019, Switzerland, Number 4

Blas Cantó
Aug 2018, Spain
Spanish entrant to Eurovision 2020

Ani Lorak
Shady Lady
Eurovision 2008, Ukraine, Number 2

Ani Lorak
My Narushayem
NEW RELEASE: Sep 2019, Ukraine

Roksana Węgiel
Anyone I want to be
Junior Eurovision Winner 2018, Poland

Wiktoria Viki Gabor
Junior Eurovision 2019, Poland

Jetty Pearl
De vogels van Holland
Eurovision 1956, Netherlands, unranked

Corry Brokken
Voor goes voor bij
Eurovision 1956, Netherlands, unranked

Ronnie Tober
Eurovision 1968, Netherlands, Number 16

Maggie McNeal
Eurovision 1980, Netherlands, Number 5

Willeke Alberti
Waar is de Zon
Eurovision 1994, Netherlands, Number 23

Your heart belongs to me
Eurovision 2008, Netherlands, Semi Final 1 Number 13

John Lundvig
Too late for love
Eurovision 2019, Sweden, Number 5

John Lundvig
One Night in Bangkok
NEW RELEASE: Sep 2019, Sweden

Miriam Christine
In a Woman's Heart (2019 Malta Pride Remix)
Eurovision 1996, Malta, Number 10

Duncan Laurence
Arcade (Acoustic version)
Eurovision Winner 2019, Netherlands

Julia Van Bergan
Junior Eurovision 2014, Netherlands National Final, Number 8

Julia Van Bergan
Arcade (Cover)
Eurovision Winner 2019, Netherlands

Anna Bergendahl
Ashes to Ashes
Melodifestivalen 2019, Sweden, Number 10

Anna Bergendahl
This is my life
Eurovision 2010, Sweden, Semi Final 2 Number 11

Horrible Person
NEW RELEASE: Sep 2019, Belgium
Belgian entrant to Eurovision 2020

Gaia Cauchi
Why should I
NEW RELEASE: Oct 2019, Malta

Gaia Gauchi
The Start
Junior Eurovision Song Contest Winner 2013, Malta

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