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Join in this Wednesday 11 December 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET live on Castlepoint FM for Eurovision Radio International taking you through the autumn of 2019 with lots of good music and features related to the Eurovision Song Contest. 

  • Interview with Tamara Todevska (North Macedonia 2019, Number 7)
  • Interview with Jordan Anthony (JESC 2019, Australia, Number 8)
  • Interview with Marta Viola (JESC 2019, Italy, Number 7)
  • Interview with Daria Vracevic ((JESC 2019, Serbia , Number 10) - POSTPONED
  • Interview with Isea Cili (JESC 2019, Albania, Number 17)
  • Interview with Joana Almeida (JESC 2019, Portugal, Number 16) - POSTPONED
  • Eurovision Top 5 Flashback
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with Chris Poppe
  • Eurovision News from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist

Interview with Tamara Todesvska (North Macedonia 2019):  What an amazing result for North Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 when Tamara Todevska received top votes from the international jury but overall ranking at Number 7 at the end of the contest in Tel Aviv earlier on in May 2019. The song "Proud" is something Tamara can be really proud of what she did for her country.  At the beginning of November 2019 OGAE Denmark had their annual Convention and Radio International's JP had the pleasure to meet Tamara and conducted an interview which you can hear on the show this week. Tamara previously represented Macedonia when it was called FYR of Macedonia in 2008 when it was with Tamara, Vrcak and Adrian and the song "Vo ime na ljubovta" which failed to qualify the country for the Grand Final of the contest in 2008, ending up at Number 10 in Semi Final 2.

Tamara Todesvska (North Macedonia 2019) with JP
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019:  The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 was staged in the Gliwice Arena in Gliwice, Poland. 19 participating countries met on Sunday, 24 November 2019 to sing their songs and with this passing important messages to the international audience across Europe and beyond.  The 17th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was won by Poland's Viki Gabor with the song "Superhero" and with this Poland achieved that what never happened at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest before - winning twice in a row. Congratulations from the Team of Radio International. The Complete Radio International Coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest can be seen viewed here including special shows, photos and videos plus video interviews with the young participating artists. 

In the run up to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Radio International devoted a big part of the weekly show to the biggest international music contest for the kids. David Mann and JP from Radio International were in Gliwice to bring you coverage of the event. In in the show from 13 November 2019 you heard the gallery of the Winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest wihich started in 2003 all the competing entries in alphabetical order per country and some Junior Eurovision highlights over the years. In case you missed that particular show fear not you can still listen to it by clicking here.

The official website of the event is available here - Junior Eurovision and more detailed info is available here. For the viewers whose broadcaster is not taking part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 but would like to watch the show - a live stream will be available via the YouTube Channel of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest - CLICK HERE. The show started on Sunday, 24 November 2019 at 1600 hours CET. 

To continue the story of Junior Eurovision 2019, Radio International will this week broadcast interviews with the following Junior 2019 Stars:

Isea (Albania 2019), Jordan (Australia 2019), Marta (Italy 2019)
Daria (Servia 2019) and Joana (Portugal)

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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Qele Qele
Eurovision 2008, Armenia, Number 4

Zoma Zoma
NEW RELEASE : Nov 2019, Armenia

Marta Viola
La Voce della terra
Junior Eurovision 2019, Italy, Number 7

Isea Cili
Mikja ime Femijeri
Junior Eurovision 2019, Albania, Number 17

Eduardo Nascimento
O vento mudou
Eurovision 1967, Portugal, Number 12

Sarah Dawn Finer
Moving on
Melodifestivalen 2009, Sweden, Number 6

Birgitta Haukdal
Open your heart
Eurovision 2003, Iceland, Number 8

Tribute to Roxette Medley
Joyride (1991) Platinum
How do you do (1992)Platinum
Dangerous (1989) Gold
The Look (1989) Platinum
Listen to your heart (1988)
It must have been love (1990) Platinum

Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan
Rock n' Roll Kids
Eurovision Winners 1994, Ireland

Marion Rung
Tom, tom, tom
Eurovision 1973, Finland, Number 6

Milly Scott
Fernando en Philippo
Eurovision 1966, The Netherlands, Number 15

T is OK
Eurovision 1978, The Netherlands, Number 13

Humphrey Campbell
Wijs me de weg
Eurovision 1992, The Netherlands, Number 9

Eurovision 2006, The Netherlands, Semi Final Number 20

Outlaw in ‘em
Eurovision 2018, The Netherlands, Number 18

Compact Disco
Sound of our hearts
Eurovision 2012, Hungary, Number 24

Compact Disco
NEW RELEASE : Oct 2019, Hungary

Jordan Anthony
We will rise
Junior Eurovision 2019, Australia, Number 8

John Lundvik
Bigger Than Us (Live Cover)
Eurovision 2019, United Kingdom, Number 26

Holly Tandy
Bigger Than Us
Eurovision 2019, United Kingdom National Final, Eliminated version

John Lundvik & The Mammas
Bigger Than Us (Live Cover)
Eurovision 2019, United Kingdom, Number 26

Tamara Todevska
NEW RELEASE: Nov 2019, North Macedonia

Tamara Todevska
Eurovision 2019, North Macedonia, Number 7

Giannis Karagiannis
One thing I should have done
Eurovisiokn 2015, Cyprus, Number 22

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