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Due to Corona Pandemic that hit the Earth in 2020 and still forces countries to a total lockdown Radio International has started the second series of the EUROVISION LOCKDOWN which are two extra live shows of Eurovision madness on Saturdays and Sundays for the time of the Corona Lockdown in the United Kingdom that started on Saturday 09 January 2021.

The Team of Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience thought of easing the tough times with two additional Eurovision radio shows on Saturdays and Sundays. The idea is to entertain the listeners and fans with lots of Eurovision music of the 66 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest plus new music the Eurovision artists have released after their performance in the contest and most of all also the music requests of the listeners and fans.

In the last series from March till June 2020 the show became popular and fans joined JP and the Radio International Team to present themed hours. We would like to continue on this in the second series.  Fans can actively take part in the show to join JP and his team in the studio via a SKYPE phone call live on air to talk about their thoughts and request their favourite song which does not need to be a Eurovision song.

The shows are live via Castlepoint FM and Run FM in the United Kingdom but available also via the Radio International Facebook Group "Eurovision Radio International" where you can find the chatroom. Below are the details and links to the broadcasts. Can't join us live? Don't worry - all the shows will be available as additional PODCASTS via our radiointernational.podbean.com channel or our Radio International Mixcloud Channel.

Join the Eurovision Fan Community listening to the shows and chat with the fans three hours every Saturday and Sunday. The Wednesday editions of the show remains the same as always.


First Hour: 
THE HAPPY EUROVISION HOUR and an interview with Charlotte Perrelli:  JP will start in the first hour with some Eurovision Classics, your listener's requests and new material of Eurovision artists that have reached the Radio International Tower of Eurovision Power.  Also Eurovision Winner of 1999 for Sweden, Charlotte Perrelli (Nilsson) joins JP, Salman, Marc and John for an interview. Charlotte qualified successfully for the Grand Final of Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2021 with the song "Still Young". 

Second Hour:
MY EUROVISION TOP TWENTY: Rejoining JP in the studio via SKYPE live from Belgium is Kristof de Smet who is a huge fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. He compiled a Top Twenty of his favourite Eurovision Songs as it was very difficult to only select ten songs.:). Two weeks ago Kristof co-presents his Number 20 to his Number 11 and this week he will reveal his Eurovision Top Ten. Looking forward to this particular Eurovision Chart to come. 

Third Hour: 
EUROVISION SPOTLIGHT XXL: Sweden's Melodifestivalen with Robert Wahlstroem:  Melodifestivalen is Sweden's biggest musical event that happens every year since 1958. Robert Wahlstroem from Gothenburg in Sweden will be rejoining JP in the Studio to share some more Hidden Jams from Sweden's Melodifestivalen, following the success of last week's Part 1. If you missed last week you can always catch up with the show - click here

Fourth Hour:  
EUROVISION SPOTLIGHT XXL: My Eurovision Top Ten in the countries' languages with Matthias Breitinger: Since 1999, Eurovision decided to relax the language rule and every participating country can sing the song in any language they want. Matthias Breitinger returns to the Eurovision Lockdown today for an hour of his Top Ten Eurovision entries performed in another language than English. This should be a nice hour listening to the music and sounds from around Europe. 

Want to join JP and come on air for the chat or co-host an hour via SKYPE:
Eurovision Fans can actively take part in the show to join JP and his team in the studio via a SKYPE phone call live on air to co-present an hour of Eurovision songs selected by you, the fans. You are more than welcome to do this. Send an email to Radio International by using this link and give us your Full Name, SKYPE NAME so we can find you and where you are listening from.

Submit your Song Requests:  CLICK HERE

Here are the details when and how to listen and chat.

LIVE! Saturdays 1300-1700 CET: Castlepoint FM - click here to listen
LIVE! Sundays 1300 - 1700 CET: Run FM - click here to listen

During the Live Broadcasts available via the our ChatRoom where you can also listen - Click here

To Catch up: via our radiointernational.podbean.com channel - click here 

Happy Listening, Chatting and Eurovisioning!!!!

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Hour 1
Eurovision Happy Hour with JP, Charlotte Perrelli Interview

Melodifestivalen 2005, Sweden, Number 3

Alvaro Estrella
Baila Baila
Melodifestivalen 2021, Sweden, Second Chance

Paul Rey
The Missing Piece
Melodifestivalen 2021, Sweden, Second Chance

Charlotte Nilsson
Take me to your heaven
Eurovision Winner 1999, Sweden

Charlotte Perrelli
Eurovision 2008, Sweden, Number 18

Charlotte Perrelli
Still Young
Melodifestivalen 2021, Sweden, Grand Final

Sjonni's Friends
Coming Home
Eurovision 2011, Iceland, Number 20

1 Life
Eurovision 2004, Belgium, Number 22

Hour 2
My Eurovision Top Ten: Kristof de Smet from Belgium

Vicky Rosti
Sata Salamaa
Eurovision 1987, Finland, Number 15
Kristof's Number 10 Eurovision Favourite

Joy Flemming
Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein
Eurovision 1975, Germany, Number 17
Kristof's Number 9 Eurovision Favourite

Qele Qele
Eurovision 2008, Armenia, Number 4
Kristof's Number 8 Eurovision Favourite

Ruth Jacott
Eurovision 1993, Netherlands, Number 6
Kristof's Number 7 Eurovision Favourite

Hari Mata Hari
Eurovision 2006, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Number 3
Kristof's Number 6 Eurovision Favourite

Charlotte Nilsson
Take me to your heaven
Eurovision Winner 1999, Sweden
Kristof's Number 5 Eurovision Favourite

Linda Martin
Why me
Eurovision Winner 1992, Ireland
Kristof's Number 4 Eurovision Favourite

Eres Tu
Eurovision 1973, Spain, Number 2
Kristof's Number 3 Eurovision Favourite

Marija Serifovic
Eurovision Winner 2007, Serbia
Kristof's Number 2 Eurovision Favourite

Anne Marie David
Tu Te Reconnaitras
Eurovision Winner 1973, Luxembourg
Kristof's Number 1 Eurovision Favourite

Hour 3
Eurovision Spotlight XXL: Robbie's Hidden Jams from Melodifestivalen with
Robert Wahlstroem (Part 2)

Kina Jaarneek
Son of a liar
Melodifestivalen 2002, Sweden, Semi Final 4, eliminated, Number 4

Simone Moreno
Aiayeh (The Music of the Samba)
Melodifestivalen 2006, Sweden, Semi Final 1, eliminated Number 8

Cameron Cartio
Melodifestivalen 2005, Sweden, Semi Final 2, Number 4, eliminated in Andra Chansen

Andersson & Gibson
Anything But You
Melodifestivalen 2007, Sweden, Semi Final 1, eliminated, Number 5

Soy to Venus
Melodifestivalen 2004, Sweden, Semi Final 2, eliminated, Number 7

Sandra Dahlberg
Jag tar det jag vill ha
Melodifestivalen 2006, Sweden, Semi Final 4, eliminated, Number 5

Ge mig himlen för en dag
Melodifestivalen 2002, Sweden, Semi Final 4, eliminated, Number 7

What’s Your Name
Melodifestivalen 2007, Sweden, Semi Final 2, eliminated, Number 5

Simon Forsberg
Tid att andas
Melodifestivalen 2011, Sweden, Semi Final 3, eliminated, Number 8

Alla gamla X
Melodifestivalen 2008, Sweden, Semi Final 1, eliminated, Number 8

Cecilia Vennersten
Var mig nära
Melodifestivalen 2005, Sweden, Semi Final 1, eliminated, Number 8

Melodifestivalen 2004, Sweden, Semi Final 4, eliminated, Number 5

Hour 4 (1600 hours)
My Eurovision Top Ten: Eurovision entries performed in the country's language with Matthias Breitinger

Paolo Meneguzzi
Era stupendo
Eurovision 2008, Switzerland, Semi Final 2 Number 13
Number 10

Zeljko Joksimovic & Ad Hoc Orchestra
Lane moje
Eurovision 2004, Serbia & Montenegro, Number 2
Number 9

Francesco Gabbani
Occidentali’s Karma
Eurovision 2017, Italy, Number 6
Number 8

Työlki ellää
Eurovision 2010, Finland, Semi Final 1 Number 11
Number 7

Harel Skaat
Eurovision 2010, Israel, Number 14
Number 6

Bistra voda
Eurovision 2009, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Number 9
Number 5

Valentina Monetta
Crisalide (Vola)
Eurovision 2013, San Marino, Semi Final 2, Number 11
Number 4

Patricia Kaas
Et s’il fallait le faire
Eurovision 2009, France, Number 8
Number 3

Vania Fernandes
Senhora do mar
Eurovision 2008, Portugal, Number 13
Number 2

Ott Lepland
Eurovision 2012, Estonia, Number 6
Number 1

Love will set you free
Eurovision 2012, United Kingdom, Number 25
Bubbling Under

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