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Join in this Wednesday 31 July 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International taking you through the Summer of 2019 with lots of good music and features.


  • Interview with Claudia Faniello (Malta 2017) done at the Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta.
  • Interview with Mirko Buljan (OGAE Fan Vision Song Contest Winner 2019, EC Germany) done at the Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta.
  • Interview with Eeva (OGAE Fan Vision Song Contest 2019, Finland) done at the Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta.
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight: A Golden Eurovision Summer: This week - 1973 with Alasdair Bennett
  • Eurovision News from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell 
  • Eurovision EUROVISION CALENDAR with Javier Leal
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist

Interview with Claudia Faniello (Malta 2019):
After 11 attempts to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest Claudia Faniello finally was given that ticket when she won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and with this the trip to Kyiv, Ukraine with the song "Breathlessly". Unfortunately, the song did not qualify for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and ended up at Number 16 in Semi Final 2. An Italian version of the song was released prior to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 which Claudia dedicated to her father. The song's title in Italian is "Perdesi". Claudia Faniello was engaged as the Host for the Eurovision Weekend 2019 organised by OGAE Malta in collaboration with OGAE and EC Germany on 12 - 14 July 2019. Members of the Team of Radio International were on location and chatted with Claudia. Listen to this interview on the show this week.

Claudia Faniello (Malta 2017) with JP
at the Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta

OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019 is a joing Eurovision event initiated by OGAE and EC Germany and the previous year's winning country of the OGAEvision Song Contest. This year seven contestants submitted a song to the OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019 (formally known as OGAEvision Song Contest) for which during the Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta the fans in the audience as well as an international jury and fans who joined via livestream cast their votes and this is


1. EC Germany - Mirko - Brueder
Cover of Michael Schulte - You let me walk alone (Germany 2018, Number 4)

2. Sweden - Michele Imberti - Ashes to Ashes
Cover of Ana Bergendahl - Ashes to Ashes (Melodifestivalen 2019)

3. Malta - Rachel Lowell - One Million Voices
Cover of Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices (Russis 2015)

4. Poland - Julian - Heroes (own version)
Cover of Charlotte Perrelli - Heroes (Sweden 2008)

5. Russia - Pawel - You are the only one
Cover of Sergey Lazarev- You are the only one (Russia 2016)

6. Denmark - Miche (Michael) - Valentine Lost
Cover of Eiríkur Hauksson - Valentine Lost (Iceland 2007)

7. Finland - Eeva - Piss, Piss, Pss
Cover of Pirkko Mannola - Bzzz bzzz bzzz (Pre 1964 Finland Number 4)

Mirko Buljan
Winner of the OGAE Vision Song Contest 2019 for EC Germany
OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019 - Interview with Mirko Buljan (Winner of the contest 2019 for EC Germany): Germany was represented by Michael Schulte at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the song "You let me walk alone" coming 4th in Lisbon, Portugal. OGAE FanVision contestant Mirko Buljan represented EC Germany with his own lyrics covering the song by Michael Schulte. The song entitled "Brueder" won the 8th edition of the Eurovision Weekend's Song Contest. Radio International interviewed Mirko during the soundcheck for the evening and then a quick reaction interview on stage when the show was finished. Congratulations to Mirko. You can watch a video of winning song "Brueder" by clicking here.

OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019 - Interview with Eeva (Finland Pre-Selection 1964):
The funniest entry in the 2019 OGAE FanVision Song Contest definitely came from Eeva representing Finland. She selected a song from the Finnish National selection coming 4th in 1964  -
Pirkko Mannola - "Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz". Eeva made her own version of the song "Piss Piss Pss" and interpreted it very well on stage. During the soundcheck Radio International chatted with the singer which you can hear on this week's edition of Radio International and of course also hear the song. In case you missed the live transmission from Malta and could not listen to this song - enjoy it this week on Radio International. 

Eeva representing Finland at the OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019

Plus there will be Eurovision News, Birthday File, Cover Spot, Calendar and new releases by Eurovision artists.

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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Kurt Calleja
This is the night
Eurovision 2012, Malta, Number 21

Kurt Calleja
Sweet Chili
NEW RELEASE: Jul 2019, Malta

Guri Schanke
Ven a bailar conmigo
Eurovision 2007, Norway, Semi Final 1 Number 18

Michael Schulte
You let me walk alone
Eurovision 2018, Germany, Number 4

Mirko Buljan
Winner of the OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019, EC Germany

Isabelle Aubret
Un Premier Amour
Eurovision Winner 1962, France

Farid Mammadov
Hold Me
Eurovision 2013, Azerbaijan, Number 2

Lasse Berghagen
Jenni, Jenni
Eurovision 1975, Sweden, Number 8

My Lucky Day
Eurovision 2018, Moldova, Number 10

NEW RELEASE: Jul 2019, Moldova

Lasse Berghagen
Stockholm I mitt hjaerta
Theme Song of Allsang pa Skansen

Pirkko Mannola
Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz
Eurovision 1964, Finland Pre-Selection Number 4

Piss Piss Pss (Cover - Pirkko Mannola - Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz)
Eurovision 1964, Finland, National Selection
OGAE FanVision Song Contest 2019, Finland, Number 7

Lass die Sonne in Dein Herz
Eurovision 1987, Germany, Number 2

Zdravko Colic
Gori Vatr
Eurovision 1973, Yugoslavia, Number 15

Massimo Ranieri
Chi Sara Con Te
Eurovision 1973, Italy, Number 13

Ey Sham
Eurovision 1973, Israel, Number 4

The Nova & The Dolls
You Are Summer
Eurovision 1973, Sweden, Number 5

Eres Tu
Eurovision 1973, Spain, Number 2

Eurovision 2017, France, Number 12

Alma, Laurie Darmon
NEW RELEASE: Jul 2019, France

Roko Blažević
Heroj (Croation Version)
Euroviosion 2019, Croatia, Semi-final 2, Number 14

Roko Blažević
Eurovision Winners Covers Medley
Euphoria (Sweden 2012), Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria 2014), Molitva (Serbia 2007)

Roko Blažević
Eurovision 2019 Covers Medley
Scream (Russia, Number 3), Arcade (Netherlands, Winner), She Got Me (Switzerland, Number 4)

Claudia Faniello
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Number 2

Claudia Faniello
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Number 2

Claudia Faniello
L-Imħabba Għamja
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2007, Number 7

Claudia Faniello
Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Number 8

Claudia Faniello
Breathlessly / Perdesi (Italian Version) - JP Mix
Eurovision 2017, Malta, Semi Final 2 Number 16

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