Week 24/2019 - Eurovision Radio International - 12 June 2019 - PED (Post Eurovision Depression) Cure - Dose 4 (PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW)

Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience

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Join in this Wednesday 12 June 2019 live from 2000 - 2300pmCET for Eurovision Radio International this week for PED - Cure - Dose 4.:)

The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 was staged in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14, 16 and 18 May 2019 with The Netherlands winning the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. The Eurovision Microphone Trophy went to Duncan Laurence for the song "Arcade" receiving a combined vote from the Jury and the Televote of 492 points. CONGRATULATIONS! See the entire "revised"results here.

EUROVISION 2019 - A look back - Photos from Eurovision 2019 can be viewed here:

The Grand Final
Press Conferences and Euroclub
Semi Final 1
Semi Final 2
Orange Carpet and Opening Ceremony

The Radio International Radio Shows during Eurovision 2019:

Radio International live from Tel Aviv and the Eurovision Song Contest

Wed 08 May 2019  |  Wed 15 May 2019  |   Grand Final Day on Radio Wymondham

Radio International's team was on location in Tel Aviv and met many of the artists and conducted interviews which you will hear on the weekly shows serving as PED Cure. No need to fall in PED as the summer of 2019 has a number of Eurovision Events scheduled. Check out the EUROVISION CALENDAR or listen to the show for details.

  • Interview with Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2019)
  • Interview with Sarah McTernan (Ireland 2019)
  • Interview with Stig Raesta (Estonia 2015) Songwriter of Estonia 2019 "Storm" by Victor Crone
  • Interview Clips at the Orange Carpet Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv - Sequence Number 3
  • The Berlin Eurovision Weekend 2019 in Malta: Interview with Adrian Refalo (OGAE Malta)
  • Eurovision Cover Spot and The Eurovision Birthday File with David Mann
  • Eurovision Spotlight Extended: Eurovision 2019 - the Assessment with Alasdair Rendall
  • Eurovision News from escXtra.com with Nathan Waddell
  • Your music requests
  • New Music Releases by Eurovision artist
Plus there will be Eurovision News, Birthday File, Cover Spot, Calendar and new releases by Eurovision artists.

Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2019)

Interview with Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2019):  Returning to the Eurovision Song Contest this year was Russia's Sergey Lazarev who we saw already in 2016 representing his country with the song "You are the only one" which reached Number 3 in Stockholm. His 2019 Eurovision entry called "Scream" also reached Number 3 in the Grand Final with a total of 370 points. Radio International's JP and Salman Tanzem met the singer after his press conference for an interview in Tel Aviv. 

Sarah McTernan (Ireland 2019) with Backing Vocalists and Dancer
Interview with Sarah McTernan (Ireland 2019):  The must successful country - in terms of winning the Eurovision Song Contest - is Ireland who this year was represented by Sarah McTernan with the song "22". Unfortunately, it ended up at Number 18 in Semi Final 2 with only 16 points being the worst results for Ireland in years. Prior to the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Radio International's David Mann met the singer for an interview at the recent edition of the London Preview Event 2019. Listen to that interview on the show this week. 

Victor Crone and Stig Raesta (Estonia 2019)

Interview with Stig Raesta (Estonia 2015):  "Goodbye to Yesterday" was Estonia's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 coming 7th in the Grand Final. Singer/Songwriter Stig Raesta performed that song together with Elina Born. In 2019, Stig teamed up with Sweden's Victor Crone who although being Swedish represented Estonia this year with the song co-written song "Storm" coming 20th in the Grand Final. JP chatted briefly with Stig at the Opening Reception of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Avi at the Orange Carpet. Listen to this interview on the show this week.

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Happy Eurovisioning
JP and the Team in the Tower of Eurovision Power

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La Venda
Eurovsiion 2019, Spain, Number 22

Donatan and Cleo
My Slowianie
Eurovision 2014, Poland, Number 14

Za Krokiem Krok (Step by Step)
NEW RELEASE: May 2019 (Poland

Sebnem Paker
Eurovision 1997, Turkey, Number 3

Elina Born & Stig Raesta
Goodbye to yesterday
Eurovision 2015, Estonia, Number 7

Amaury Vasili
Eurovision 2011, France, Number 15

Anti-Social Media
Just the way you are
Eurovision 2015, Denmark, Semi Final 1, Number 13

Ofra Haza
Eurovision 1983, Israel, Number 2

Ofra Haza
Im nin’alu

Eleni Foureira
Eurovision 2018, Cyprus, Number 2

Eleni Foureira
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2019, Cyprus

Sarah McTernan
Eurovision 2019, Ireland, Semi Final 2 Number 18

Idan Raichel Project
Eurovision 2019 Grand Final Interval Act

D Mol
Eurovision 2019, Montenegro, Semi Final 1 Number 16

Zala Kralj and Gaspar Santl
Eurovision 2019, Slovenia, Number 15

Michael Rice
Bigger than us
Eurovision 2019, United Kingdom, Number 26

Lake Malawi
Friend of a Friend
Eurovision 2019, Czech Republic, Number 11

Duncan Laurence
Eurovision Winner 2019, Netherlands

Come to Me
NEW RELEASE: Jun 2019, Slovenia

Grecia Bezzina
Everything (Cover of Anna Vissi - Everything, Greece 2006)
Winner of the OGAE Vision Song Contest 2018, Malta

Claudia Faniello
Perdersi (Italian Version of Breathlessly)
Eurovision 2017, Malta, Semi Final 2 Number 16

Sergey Lazarev
You are the only one
Eurovision 2016, Russia, Number 3

Sergey Lazarev
Eurovision 2019, Russia, Number 3

Bilal Hassani
Roi (Max Staylor Remix)
Eurovision 2019, France, Number 16

Shahaf Belash
Roi (Stand-in Cover)
Eurovision 2019, France, Number 16

Axel Hirsoux
Eurovision 2014, Belgium, Semi Final 1 Number 14

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