Eurovision Lockdown - Saturday, 13 Feb 2021, 2 - 6pmCET on Castlepoint FM - Eurovision Winner Linda Martin (Ireland 1992 and 1984) to co-host one hour - PODCAST AVAILABLE NOW

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Due to Corona Pandemic that hit the Earth in 2020 and still forces countries to a total lockdown Radio International has started the second series of the EUROVISION LOCKDOWN which are two extra live shows of Eurovision madness on Saturdays and Sundays for the time of the Corona Lockdown in the United Kingdom that started on Saturday 09 January 2021.

The Team of Radio International - The Ultimate Eurovision Experience thought of easing the tough times with two additional Eurovision radio shows on Saturdays and Sundays. The idea is to entertain the listeners and fans with lots of Eurovision music of the 66 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest plus new music the Eurovision artists have released after their performance in the contest and most of all also the music requests of the listeners and fans.

In the last series from March till June 2020 the show became popular and fans joined JP and the Radio International Team to present themed hours. We would like to continue on this in the second series.  Fans can actively take part in the show to join JP and his team in the studio via a SKYPE phone call live on air to talk about their thoughts and request their favourite song which does not need to be a Eurovision song.

The shows are live via Castlepoint FM and Run FM in the United Kingdom but available also via the Radio International Facebook Group "Eurovision Radio International" where you can find the chatroom. Below are the details and links to the broadcasts. Can't join us live? Don't worry - all the shows will be available as additional PODCASTS via our radiointernational.podbean.com channel or our Radio International Mixcloud Channel.

Join the Eurovision Fan Community listening to the shows and chat with the fans three hours every Saturday and Sunday. The Wednesday editions of the show remains the same as always.


First Hour: 
THE HAPPY EUROVISION HOUR. JP will start in the first hour with some Eurovision Classics, your listener's requests and new material of Eurovision artists that have reached the Radio International Tower of Eurovision Power.  Also revisiting a Eurovision Song Contest and plays five songs from a particular Eurovision Year.

Second Hour:
EUROVISION SPOTLIGHT XXL: My Eurovision Top Ten:  The series continues where Eurovision personalities are co-hosting an hour with JP together and to present their ten most favourite songs from the Eurovision Song Contest, this week JP is joined by Eurovision Royalty Linda Martin from Dublin in Ireland. Linda won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 for Ireland with the song "Why me" and already in 1984 she came 2nd with the song "Terminal 3".  We are thrilled to find out how Linda's Top Ten of the Eurovision Song Contest looks like.

Third Hour: 
EUROVISION 2021: Since it is the National Final Season to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 which will take place in Rotterdam's Ahoy May 18, 20 and 22 there is now plenty of time at hand to introduce to the fans the songs from various countries' selection process'. Also this week JP will be joined by Robert Wahlstroem from Gothenburg in Sweden to take a look at Norway's Fifth Semi Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 and he also has some favourite songs from Norway for you to enjoy.

Fourth Hour:  
MELODIFESTIVALEN SPECIAL: My Melodifestivalen Top Ten:  Not only has Norway a huge national final process but also perhaps even bigger than Norway is Sweden's Melodifestivalen in which the country selects their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The second Semi Final of Melodifestivalen 2021 scheduled for Sat 13 Feb 2021. Salman Tanzemm rejoins JP in the studio via SKYPE to present an hour of his Top Ten Melodifestivalen entries.  Looking forward to Salman's choice of Sweden's biggest music event there is.

Want to join JP and come on air for the chat or co-host an hour via SKYPE:
Eurovision Fans can actively take part in the show to join JP and his team in the studio via a SKYPE phone call live on air to co-present an hour of Eurovision songs selected by you, the fans. You are more than welcome to do this. Send an email to Radio International by using this link and give us your Full Name, SKYPE NAME so we can find you and where you are listening from.

Submit your Song Requests:  CLICK HERE

Here are the details when and how to listen and chat.

LIVE! Saturdays 1400-1800 CET: Castlepoint FM - click here to listen

LIVE! Sundays 1300 - 1700 CET: Run FM - click here to listen

During the Live Broadcasts available via the our ChatRoom where you can also listen - Click here

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Happy Listening, Chatting and Eurovisioning!!!!

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Alexander Rybak
Eurovision Winner 2009, Norway

Dana International
Eurovision Winner 1998, Israel

Sirusho and Alexander Rybak
NEW RELEASE: Feb 2021, Armenia and Norway

Maria Haukaas Storeng
Hold on be strong
Eurovision 2008, Norway, Number 5

Anne Cathrine Herdorf and Bandjo
En lille melodi
Eurovision 1987, Denmark, Number 5

Master KG ft Nomcebo
Dance of the Year 2020

Eurovision Winner 2010, Germany

Marie Myriam
L'oiseau et l'enfant
Eurovision Winner 1977, France
Melanie i France

Under the Ladder
Eurovision 2018, Ukraine, Number 17

Arja Saijonmaa
Mina fyra årstider
Melodifestivalen 2019, Sweden, Semi Final 1 Number 7

Arja Saijonmaa
Vad du än trodde så trodde du fel
Melodifestivalen 2005, Sweden, Semi Final 2 elminited

Beautiful Song
Eurovision 2012, Lativa, Semi Final 1 Number 16

Linda Martin
Terminal 3
Eurovision 1984, Ireland, Number 2

Hour 2 (1500 hours)
My Eurovision Top Ten: Eurovision Winner 1992 Linda Martin plays her favourite ten Eurovision entries

Dschingis Khan
Dschingis Khan
Eurovision 1979, Germany, Number 4
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 10 Eurovision Song

Mouth and McNeal
I see a star
Eurovision 1974, The Netherlands, Number 3
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 9 Eurovision Song

Charlotte Nilsson
Take me to your heaven
Eurovision Winner 1999, Sweden
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 8 Eurovision Song

Brotherhood of Man
Save your kisses for me
Eurovision Winner 1976, United Kingdom
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 7 Eurovision Song

Un banc, un arbre, une rue
Eurovision Winner 1971, Monaco
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 6 Eurovision Song

Katrina and the Wave
Love shine a light
Eurovision Winner 1997, United Kingdom
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 5 Eurovision Song

Rise like a Phoenix
Eurovision Winner 2014, Austria
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 4 Eurovision Song

Anne Marie David
Tu te reconnaitras
Eurovision Winner 1973, Luxembourg
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 3 Eurovision Song

Gigliola Cinquetti
Non ho l'eta
Eurovision Winner 1964, Italy
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 2 Eurovision Song

Gali Atari
Eurovision Winner 1979, Israel
Linda Martin's Ultimate Number 1 Eurovision Song

Hour 3 (1600 hours)
Eurovision 2021: Norway's Melodi Grand Prix Semi Final 5 with Robert Wahlstroem

My Lonely Voice
Eurovision 2021, Norway Melodi Grand Prix Semi-Final 4 - Finalist

Walking In My Sleep
Eurovision 2021,Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Semi-Final 5, Song 1

Bli med meg på gar’n
Eurovision 2021,Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Semi-Final 5, Song 2

I Can’t Escape
Eurovision 2021, Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Semi-Final 5, Song 3

Coming Home
Eurovision 2021, Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2021 Semi-Final 5, Song 4

Rein Alexander
One Last Time
Eurovision 2020,Norway Melodi Grand Prix, Unplaced in the Grand Final#

Rein Alexander
Eyes Wide Open
Eurovision 2021,Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2021, Directly qualified finalist

Reidun Sæther
High on Love
Eurovision 2012,Norway Melodi Grand Prix, Unplaced in the Grand Final

Dollie de Luxe
Lenge leve livet
Eurovision 1984, Norway, Number 17

Always, Always
Eurovision 2008, Norway Melodi Grand Prix, Eliminated from the Second Chance Round

Anita Skorgan
Eurovision Song Contest 1977, Norway, Number 14

Norway ESC winners medley

Absolutely Fabulous
Eurovision 2006, Norway Melodi Grand Prix, Number 3

Hour 4 (1700 hours)
Eurovision Spotlight XXL: My Melodifestivalen Top Ten with Salman Tanzeem

Sanna Nielsen
Hela världen for mig
Melodifestivalen 2003, Sweden, Number 5
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 10

John Lundvik and the Mamas
Too late for love
Eurovision 2019, Sweden, Number 5
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 9

Shirley Clamp
Jag älsker dig
Melodifestivalen 2005, Sweden, Number 4
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 8

Anna Book
Himmel for tva
Melodifestivalen 2016, Sweden, disqualified
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 7

Malena Ernman
La Voix
Eurovision 2009, Sweden, Number 21
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 6

Charlotte Perelli (Nilsson)
Tusen och en natt (Take me to your heaven)
Eurovision Winner 1999, Sweden
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 5

Jenny Silver
Something in your eyes
Melodifestivalen 2011, Sweden, Second Chance, eliminated
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 4

Linda Bengtzing
Jag ljuger sa bra
Melodifestivalen 2006, Sweden, Number 7
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 3

As I lay me down
Melodifestivalen 2017, Sweden, Number 6
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 2

Sanna Nielsen
Empty Room
Melodifestivalen 2008, Sweden, Number 2
Salman's Melodifestivalen Number 1

Charlotte Perrelli & Dana International
Diva To Diva
Melodifesivalen 2019, Sweden, Interval Act


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